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call of duty modern warfare

  1. shop557

    COD MW

    what did you guys think of call of duty modern warfare. i was disappointed by the story, you only fought terrorists. i was hoping it would be a world war. then they only fought terrorists. mission wise, there was only on mission i enjoyed. Idk whats your thoughts.
  2. Anyone have twitch?

    Was hoping that people could help me get viewers on twitch as I’m close to affiliate!! Any support would be welcome :) also join my discord if you would like Join the jpwilly11's Gaming Server Discord Server!
  3. Test Your Knowledge Of The Call Of Duty 4 -Modern Warfare

    As a fan, you need to appreciate the brilliance of the COD programmers for their significant innovations. And also apart from the fun aspect Call of duty, COD must have made you learn little extra experience about world geography from modern warfare. Regardless of your COD game of...

    Hello! So There Are 3 Seperate Editions: Standard 60€ Operator Edition 80€ Operator Enhanced Edition 100€ I Own 2PS With One PSN So i Was Wondering If I Get Lets Say Perhaps I Bought “Operator Enhanced Edition”...Would It Be Able To Have On Both PS The Budle That This Edition Offers? Thanks...
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