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  1. Melissa Adams

    News 8 Best Shields in Elden Ring

    Gamers all over the world feel Elden Ring is already GOTY material, even if there is still more content to come, such as the suspected DLC that some players have discovered evidence of. Even if the stories are false, gamers will find plenty of tunnels to explore, ruins to plunder, and evil...
  2. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Best Caves in Elden Ring

    If players don't want to go into the harsh Legacy Dungeons yet, there are plenty of detours in Elden Ring's Lands Between. While caves are small and dark, they include a variety of interesting adversaries, objects, and even shortcuts for players. Many of them can be found throughout the Lands...
  3. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Best Catacombs in Elden Ring

    Catacombs are intended to be places of rest for the dead, but given how active and plentiful they are in Elden Ring, they could just as well be bazaars. They're full of foes who are still alive and well, as well as prizes that can change the game. The catacombs in Elden Ring, on the other hand...
  4. Melissa Adams

    News 6 Best Characters in Soulcalibur 6

    For nearly twenty-five years, Soulcalibur has stood alongside titles like Street Fighter and Tekken as a veteran pillar in the fighting game community. Soulcalibur, a superb 3D fighter in its own right, has created expert-level action with breathtaking graphics since its Dreamcast debut. The...
  5. Alex Wright

    News 10 Top Mods in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring has been a huge hit since its release, with gamers praising FromSoftware's maiden try at an open-world game. The ultimate product has been spectacular, with the game being hailed as an absolute masterpiece by both fans and critics. When it comes to the game's enormous quality, the...
  6. Alex Wright

    10 Top Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring blends features from past games such as Bloodborne and Dark Souls and FromSoftware has surely grabbed the gaming community by storm. However, Elden Ring differs from previous games in that it offers players entire control over where they go and what they do. So, if a player gets...
  7. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring Player Kills Turtle Pope Miriel and Fans React

    Elden Ring is a game in which every choice counts, and unlike other games, you may murder the majority of the NPCs. Fans are angry that one player killed Miriel, who has to be one of the finest characters ever developed by From Software. Every game by From Software is fairly dark, with a large...
  8. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: How to Defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon Boss

    Elden Ring's 12 required boss encounters include the Red Wolf of Radagon, who you must defeat in order to proceed in Raya Lucaria Academy. In addition, a Radagon Lesser Red Wolf may be found in Liurnia of the Lakes' south-west corner, west of Deep Ainsel Well, and north of Chelona's Rise. It's...
  9. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: How to Get the Swarm of Flies Incantation

    Elden Ring has a wealth of weapons, spells, and incantations to select from, so deciding which to utilise is always a challenge. However, some are far superior to others. Many Elden Ring players have taken notice of one incantation in particular, Swarm of Flies, because it has a massive damage...
  10. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: How to Complete the Diallos Quest

    Diallos is a figure that first appears in Elden Ring when you enter Roundtable Hold. His journey, on the other hand, will lead you to the furthest limits of the Lands Between. You'll also want to finish it since it rewards you with Hoslow's Petal Whip and Diallos' Mask if you do. Here's how to...
  11. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: How to Defeat the Fire Giant Boss

    Elden Ring is full of difficult monsters and the majority of the game's big bosses are rather powerful in the second half. Fire Giant isn't one of them. Some of his assaults are repetitive and unpleasant to avoid, but knowing how to position yourself makes the fight much simpler. Check out...
  12. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: How to Upgrade Spirit Ash Summons

    Elden Ring has a reputation for having challenging encounters and boss fights. As a result, you'll frequently need to rely on Spirit Ashes in more difficult scenarios. These magical summons will aid you in battle but at a cost of a significant amount of FP. Make sure to test out all of the many...
  13. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: A Simple Trick for Killing Any Boss

    To say Elden Ring is a challenging game is an understatement. The vast new open-world title from FromSoftware is attracting a lot of new fans to the Souls brand, but not everyone is up to the task. When it comes to Elden Ring's toughest boss fights, even the most experienced gamers are having...
  14. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: Where to Find the White Mask Helm

    Elden Ring has been available for over a month, and many Tarnished are nearing the finish of their journey across the Lands Between. As a result, the strongest endgame builds are now emerging. Elden Ring's finest weapons are now widely recognised and much contested among enthusiasts. Why Is...
  15. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: Why Are My Character's Eyes Yellow or Red?

    Elden Ring is a game with a lot of interesting things to find. In reality, those who don't want to fall into a hole at the start of the game will find the tutorial part hidden! Things don't become any clearer when you're finally exploring the Lands Between as the game's community is still...
  16. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: How to Get the Bloody Finger

    Invasion is a big component of the Souls franchise and Elden Ring is no exception. You don't have to get involved with the mechanism at all if you don't want to. In reality, you may play Elden Ring offline and completely prevent invasions. As a remedy to an ongoing issue, many gamers are doing...
  17. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: Where to find Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes

    The Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes, which summon a spirit clone of your character, are the most damaging of all the Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring. This is where you'll find them. Spirit Ashes are summonable spirit companions who may assist players in overcoming challenging adversaries in The Lands...
  18. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring: Where to find Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War

    One of the most important talents in Elden Ring, especially for speedrunners, is Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War, but it might be difficult to locate if you don't know what you're looking for. This is where you'll find it. Elden Ring possesses a wide range of abilities and tools to aid players in...
  19. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring update 1.03 nerfs Mimic Tear, Hoarfrost Stomp

    Elden Ring update v1.03 has nerfed players favourites, the Mimic Tear and the Hoarfrost Stomp. Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have detailed the changes that the patch introduces, which are listed below. While some beneficial balance tweaks have been made, such as improved drop rates for...
  20. Alex Wright

    News Elden Ring players score PvP kills by blowing themselves up

    Over the previous two weeks, a prevalent approach in Elden Ring competitive multiplayer has seen Tarnished sacrifice their own bodies to eliminate their opponents. While Elden Ring has a broad range of weapons and spells for killing enemies, some of the game's more cunning online invaders...
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