action rpg

  1. What do you look for in an early access title!?

    I want to start a discussion on what you look for specifically in a new early access title! While doing research on what's most popular these days in the world of gaming... I've come to learn most people preferred PvE over PvP... Well, I guess that depends on how exactly the game has been set...
  2. Twitch account

    Hey guys, I’m a streamer on twitch who streams daily. I’d like to share, hopefully you’ll follow and tune in! I put on a good show! I was also world ranked in battle games for Halo 2-3 and MW2 back in the day. Here’s a list of games I’m playing: Apex Legends/ Destiny/ CoD (Modern Warfare, MW2...
  3. Carbon

    Capcom Taiwan announces Rockman X Dive for smartphones They've announced on the official site that it is classified as Action RPG for mobile devices.