aaron keller

  1. Alex Wright

    News Overwatch 2 gets Baptiste and Sombra makeovers

    Overwatch 2 will get character makeovers for all of the franchise's current heroes, with Baptiste and Sombra being the first two characters to get re-designs. Aaron Keller at Activision Blizzard took to the Summer Game Fest to show off the new makeovers. Baptiste will take advantage of new...
  2. Alex Wright

    News Overwatch 2 PvP stream scheduled for 20 May

    Overwatch 2 PvP will take place on 21 May and will showcase "new maps and major gameplay updates", Activision Blizzard has revealed. Game Director, Aaron Keller, said that Overwatch developers will join Overwatch League players for a two-hour PvP livestream that will take place from on 20 May...
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