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    Favorite N64 Games?

    For me I loved GoldeneEye, Tony Hawk, Pilot Wings, Destruction Derby 64, and of course Mario Kart and Mario Party. What are yours?
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    Anyone follow CSGO?

    I used to follow for a little bit when I was into betting on eSports. I watch some tournaments, but haven't followed it in awhile. I figured it was a bad habit haha.
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    Who's your favorite artist ?

    Blink-182, mainly for the nostalgia of it all and the upbeat tempo of the songs.
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    Favorite Sports?

    What's your top 3 favorite sports? For me it's definitely hockey and football, followed by I guess tennis (to play).
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    Who is your favorite actor and why?

    I like actors who put a little effort in to their appearance. An example is Christian Bale. He was pretty muscular for Batman, yet in the Machinist he dropped his weight down to 110 lbs because the guy in the book was super thin (even slimmer). He wanted to go down to 97 lbs but doctors told him...
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    Hey All

    New to the forum. I am currently an XBox One gamer and like to kick it with some old school systems, especially N64.