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  1. Nova

    Wolfenstein 3D

    Wolfenstein 3D is one of the old DOS games which had a lot of following. prior to the games like castle wolfestein. There was this hype for this game, as the 3D game was pretty much mature for those times. And it was kind of addictive playing this game. It's pity that it didn't remade as is...
  2. Nova

    Duke Nukem 3D

    I know many of you don't remember old game such as this. But in the DOS times this game was pretty much popular. And there were lot of old gamers who used to love the game. And the gameplay was pretty one sided and had contra like vibe to it. Though it was good on the content side, it didn't...
  3. Nova

    Lara Croft: Relic Run

    If you love playing lara croft. Then you will enjoy the temple run version of her game too. It's the game where you are running away from traps and various types of the creatures and other natural issues etc. So the game is pretty fun you are running away from the issues. Check out the trailer...
  4. Nova

    Into the Dead 2

    What if instead of running away from creature in temple run you are running away from the zombies? Into the dead is one such game where you are running as far as possible. And it seems like a good game for anyone who plans on playing the type of game . Check out the game trailer and see if this...
  5. Nova

    Bendy in Nightmare Run

    Do you remember pre color era of 2D animation? If yes then you will love the Bendy in Nightmare Run . The game is like temple run but here the animation is a bit old and it may make you feel like you are in 60s and 70s. It can be fun playing those type of old games. Check out the game trailer below.
  6. Nova

    Curved or Flat LCD monitors?

    I think flat LCD or the LED panels can be pretty good. I think depending on the type of light you have in Home. You may want to adjust the screen size accordingly.
  7. Nova

    Donating to Streamers

    I personally don't give out donation to every gamers out there. I do give them to some of the needy ones. So that I can continue listening to them and see how they can create content. So I think it all depends on which type of gamers I wish to support. So far not much to specific patron. I am...
  8. Nova

    Does gaming affect behavior?

    People have attacked other people in real life. People are abusive towards other people in family. All because of gaming addiction. And it seems like a lot happens with any form of addiction. I can tell you that gaming constantly has bad effects on our body and mind. So we have to be pretty much...
  9. Nova

    What's the best time to play

    I think best time depends on the time where you can churn without being responsible for the time being spent. So I guess weekends, breaks between work and the time we spend in train and the transport. Those are the times when we tend to play on our own. And it can be pretty much a good option on...
  10. Nova


    Never got banned. And I dont think I will get either. The reason being I avoid multiplayer most of the time. I do play it but with friends mostly. And most of those network tournaments. I try to avoid continental or international competitiion. And so chances of banning are low from that.
  11. Nova

    Issues with Sleep

    I tend to have difficulty for sleeping on which I am currently working. For example I take morning walks. And also try to get some good sleep in the due process. But it does not always works out the way I want. And on that note I make sure to walk more and go out more and hope that things turn...
  12. Nova

    Parents sending their kids to 'Fortnite Rehab'

    I think that can be a right approach. Turning down the internet and taking away the game. That can be pretty much a good option for many. I personally have learned from the parenting of many kids, it may be lot different on many counts. I won't be surprised there in future comes gaming rehabs.
  13. Nova

    Gaming on the weekend

    I give same time as much as the weekday and avoiding giving more time. Because often that leads to addiction. And it stops us from doing other productive tasks. So that kind of makes things a bit difficult. I have noticed that spending the evening is better time for the gaming contract so far as...
  14. Nova

    Working in the gaming industry

    No journalism or communication background. I just applied for the jobs and so far getting them. If I had communication and journalism degree, I don't think it'd make any difference in game review, social media jobs. It will only add up as additional credentials nothing more.
  15. Nova

    What the $%&^# is wrong with this developer?!

    Well I think game looks realistic from the point of view of the developer. I don't think he can be blamed. We live in world where survival of fittest thrive. So such plots are not unknown. I don't think there is anything wrong with developer. Not making this game won't take away the reality.
  16. Nova

    Tales of Vesparia

    Yes definitely a time killer. And in fact you may enjoy playing the game if you like the anime and the story plot. Most of the MMORPG games in such category or say anime based games can be interesting to play as well. I like how they are developing the character and made the game interesting.
  17. Nova

    Issues with Sleep

    I have had issues with sleep when I play the games late night. So these days I have kind of made the routine of not playing the games late night. And only focus on the games during the day or the afternoon. Because any other time is only going to cause more issues in terms of the distractions as...
  18. Nova

    Working in the gaming industry

    I don't work in game sector. But I do reviews and often also get gaming specific work like social media management etc. Also I have recently got the work for posting the stream best of type videos. So for me it is yet to be a concrete job. Few gigs here and there is all I have managed to get into.
  19. Nova

    Buying gaming hardware from online sites?

    Yes it can be unsafe buying it from online. Because we have no clue which type of distributor is going to dropship it to our home. And we don't know what sort of warranty issues are covered. But yes, the local sellers are always a good option. And we can save our time and may go out for buying...
  20. Nova

    Console or Mobile which is bettter platform?

    I have PS 4 and Xbox One and also android mobiles. I have not much done the gaming on apple phones. So that is out of question for me. But keeping all that aside. I want to ask you if you have to choose between the console and the mobile which would be your choice? Mobile or Console for you for...