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  1. xenonVirus

    The Strange Story Of Brian Fisher: Chapter 1

    That's good to hear, considering that when something is made with effort, time, and passion, it ends up being an excellent product. xenonVirus. Hyped for the new game!
  2. xenonVirus

    Streaming program?

    ^^ Nice video! And yes, I used to prefer OBS when recording my gameplay on a Mac. (Of course, I can't do that now, as Minecraft is the only game I can really play without my Mac having a stroke.) I've never tried Streamlabs before, but it looks easy to use and high-quality. xenonVirus. Wishing...
  3. xenonVirus

    The Pyramid Prison on Steam!

    Looks pretty cool. I'll check it out in more detail when I have some more time! xenonVirus. I'm a sucker for games like those myself.
  4. xenonVirus

    The Forum Rules

    The Forum Rules Welcome to JoyFreak! We’re excited to have you here, and we hope that you make constructive conversations and have a good time. JoyFreak is a video game forum, but it is also a forum for people of different ages to hang out and talk with one another. To make sure that society...
  5. xenonVirus

    New Game [Castle Glory: Dragon Kingdom]

    I think it looks pretty good, to be honest! :) The art is kind of catchy and the art style is quite nice to look at. Only thing I'm confused about... what's an SLG game? :unsure: xenonVirus. New games are always nice.
  6. xenonVirus

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    Hello, zjyyhw and ubah . I'm xenonVirus, a moderator here at JoyFreak. I'm super excited that you've chosen to join the JoyFreak community! zjyyhw - if you would like to be recognized as an official developer on JoyFreak (adding a Verified badge to your account), here is a set of steps you...
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    I am a developer and Start Journey on joyfreak

    Hello yatendrathegamer . Welcome to JoyFreak! We're very happy to have you here. There's a thread for you to introduce yourself to other users. If you need any help, don't hesitate to drop me a PM and I'll do my best to help you out. Edited to add: If you want to be verified, there's a thread...
  8. xenonVirus

    Does anyone here actually make money from YouTube and surveys?

    Preach! Whenever I fill out a survey, I'll just use one of those temporary e-mail sites so that I don't end up on their mailing list and my real e-mail doesn't get backed up with spam. The surveys really aren't worth it. Yep. Demonetization is rampant, copyright claims are abused en masse, and...
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    Do we have a Discord server?

    Honestly, this sounds like a suggestion I could get behind. Don't get me wrong, I love JoyFreak and I love talking with other posters. We could use JoyFreak as the main communication, and have discord as an IRC-Chat analog. Maybe. And Discord is really nice. You're right, there are plenty of...
  10. xenonVirus

    YouTube new Gaming Policy

    I'd even go all out as to say I don't wonder, but I'm almost sure they will. This basically means that all M-rated gameplay may get age-restricted if its "scripted violence". And they may age-restrict it if the primary focus is on "gory content". The problem is, that's way too vague for content...
  11. xenonVirus

    What's the law on defamation in the UK?

    Obligatory disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am a teenager posting on a gaming internet forum. Do not take what I say as legal advice! First of all, I'm sorry you had to go through that horrible situation of slander and defamation. After I read your post, I decided to Google your question...
  12. xenonVirus

    More cheaters in free games?

    True. It's so annoying when you come across a hacker, because it's never a fair fight. xenonVirus. Anticheat is getting better, but hackers come up with new techniques constantly.
  13. xenonVirus

    A few Dev Diaries for Broken Lines

    That's great! I'm really looking forward to trying out your game. xenonVirus. Indie devs can make some pretty great games.
  14. xenonVirus

    COPPA and YouTube Discussion

    That's never happened to me (luckily) but why would Facebook do that when there are easier ways to verify that it's really you, like phone number or email account? xenonVirus. I understand Facebook is paranoid about security, but I think they're taking this way too far.
  15. xenonVirus

    Steam Autumn Sale

    Preach, 100%. There are times when I wait for a long time just to see that tantalizing "Sale" popup. xenonVirus. Sometimes being patient pays off, especially in games.
  16. xenonVirus

    RIP Andrew 'Greedy' Smith of Mental As Anything!

    R.I.P to the both of them. Cancer is never pleasant. xenonVirus. Tributes don't have to be long to be meaningful.
  17. xenonVirus

    I need your help !

    Thanks for the survey! I've filled it out and finished it. Looks pretty nice! xenonVirus. I'll only really replace mice if they're old or broken down - I'm not the type of person who will upgrade year after year.
  18. xenonVirus

    Dead Zombie Frontier Lite

    Sounds like a great game. I like FPS games in general. xenonVirus. Let's hope we never have to face off against a real zombie appcalypse.
  19. xenonVirus

    Anyone play Rainbow Six Siege?

    bump xenonVirus. I know that bumps are frowned upon, but it's been nearly 2 months since I started this thread. I just want a little bit of feedback from other forumers.
  20. xenonVirus


    ^ Nice gameplay! FIFA 20 is a great game, IMO, but I'm not really into sports games. xenonVirus. May your channel grow for years to come!