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  1. Shagger

    Steam Autumn Sale

    I saw Shadow of War and a couple of others going pretty cheap, but nothing really grabbed my interest.
  2. Shagger

    What TV Series are you watching right now ?

    Got done with season 3 (or "book 3") of The Dragon Prince. Quite like it.
  3. Shagger

    Gamers and backpain

    I could make jokes about how I usually experience a flattening of my arse, disengaging from reality and bleeding eyes, but in all seriousness it's important, especially on PC's, to sit comfortably. I usually do my PC gaming on laptop and without the stand/cooler I use I'd struggle to play for...
  4. Shagger

    Do we have a Discord server?

    Such things work brilliantly well in other gaming communities. Live text and voice chat, game lobbys, mod tools, the works. More on Discord here.
  5. Shagger

    COPPA and YouTube Discussion

    If this was youtube themselves investing channels I would be more concerned because of how they rely on the almighty algorithms, but the FTC being who they are will do this using human being with more common sense. I'm not making light of people concerns, but I don't this is gonna be that big of...
  6. Shagger

    Funny Android Games 2019

    Mobile gaming won't solve daily life problems, it IS a daily life problem.
  7. Shagger

    Best ps4 games to play

    I find it odd that nobody has mentioned Horizon: Zero Dawn yet given that it is one of the best PS4 exclusives. Then there's the oft' recommended God of War Uncharted 4 (although I'd say that a bit overrated, but that's that's just me), Spiderman and TLOU Remasted.
  8. Shagger

    Black Friday 2019

    What I really need is a new SSD for my laptop. C'mon, you 2TB beauty...
  9. Shagger

    Half Life: Alyx

    I have no interest in this game nor VR, just getting that out there, but I do have my own thoughts on this. My laptop bought just this month could (on paper) run this, as could my 3yo self built PC if I ever bother to repair it, so it's not as hard a game to run as people say it is. HL was...
  10. Shagger

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    Because I'm lazy, I'll just copy the about me section The only thing you need to know about is that if you share a different opinion to me on something, you're not stupid, misinformed or outwith your rights to believe what you say, but you're still wrong. :cool: Anyway, I'm a truly evil...