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  1. PolySa

    Do you listen to music when playing games?

    I never listen to music when I'm playing games. Listening to music during the game it most definitely will alter the whole experience. Listening to music is breaking the immersion and destroying all of the moods. Actually, The choice of soundtrack and sound effects for a game has more to do...
  2. PolySa

    What is your most addictive game?

    In my opinion, mobile games are the most addictive games. One of the simplest reason is that access to the mobile is very easy. For video games you should sit down, turn on the PC, you should set a time to do it but for mobile games, you can do it even in the bus or whenever that you have access...
  3. PolySa

    What's Your Favorite Boardgame?

    It's hard for me to say what is my favourite board game. There are many of them. But of the most traditional games, I really love most: 1. Chess, Yes you heard me! I like it since it is not a game it's a real brain training exercise. :) 2. Stone age, it's the best strategic game ever. It can be...
  4. PolySa

    Single or multi player ?

    I prefer single player games over multiplayer for a few reasons: There is no pressure to do well in single player. I hate online games which are very competitive. There is much more freedom in single player games. You can do whatever you want. I want to play a game in whatever order that I want...
  5. PolySa

    An old game you want to play again

    For me there is not one, there are many: Resident Evil 1 Need for speed 3 Age of Mythology Metal Slug If I could get my hands on a download, I’d play it again.
  6. PolySa

    Do you invest real money in games?

    Yes, but it depends on the selection of games whether the game can give enough return or not. For example in some games, you pay money to make your stuff look better or have better weapons or such things. I hate that kind of games that paying money makes you superior over another.
  7. PolySa

    What are some of the best computer games of all time?

    For me: Batman Arkham City, Assassin's Creed Series and Need for Speed
  8. PolySa

    What video game is the most nostalgic for you?

    For me is Tribal Wars, a strategical multiplayer game.
  9. PolySa

    Violent video game

    Do violent video games promote violent behaviour?
  10. PolySa

    Cheat codes , do they make a game better?

    For sure! LOL, ;) I used them in GTA and man it really worked there. I could swim in the ocean and don't die.:sneaky: It looks like your second life in a perfect world with no failure! But sometimes I feel I like to die, LOL. So these cheat codes are not always fun.
  11. PolySa

    How old were you ?

    I don't remember exactly but I think I was around 11. My brother and I used to play it every weekend. Actually, my brother installed it on the computer and then it was almost a fight every day that who is going to play it first. Despite those fights, we really loved it and it was so fun.
  12. PolySa

    What's you Favorite Game Soundtrack?

    For me, it's an "Honourable mention-world of Goo". Especially the final level of it is my favourite.
  13. PolySa

    What time of day is best for playing games to you?

    I prefer playing in the evening maybe from 7-11 pm. Because I have finished all my works. So, it's the best time to focus on video games. Also for playing online games, the best time is in the evening. Because the majority of players get on. So my playing time depends on my online friends...
  14. PolySa

    Board game

    Yes, I like playing chess. It's so fun and it's somehow a mental training. But it's good to try other board games. They are so fun to play and quite interesting to play with friends.
  15. PolySa

    GTA 5

    GTA 5 is an action-adventure video game. why should I stop playing it?! It has awesome cars, a large variety of weapons, good story. It has lots of ways to earn money and get rich :) It's like living in your dream life.
  16. PolySa

    Board game

    Hello guys For fans of board games! "Hero Realms" The game includes basic rules for two-player games, along with rules for multiplayer formats such as Free-For-All, Hunter, and Hydra.
  17. PolySa

    Play station games on phones , do you like them?

    Personally, I like playing games anywhere that is possible but I think it's not the case for all games. Some games need a computer and large screens. Also, you can't run PS4 games on Android. There are few of them that are available (like Fortnite) but not too many. I'm not a fan of playing...
  18. PolySa

    favorite band

    Great question. I grew up listening to Heavy Metal. I really love them. I used to listen to the Heavy Metal as load as I could. I remember lying on my bed and listen to it all day. "Nothing else matters" of Metallica is one of my favourites. Also "Unforgiven" is one of the best. I almost...
  19. PolySa

    Home or movie theater?

    I enjoy going to the theatre buying a big popcorn and soda but I really prefer to watch a movie at home. One of the important reason that I prefer to watch it at home is that I can pause the movie whenever I want. I can also pee in my own bathroom:) I can watch my favourite movie while I'm...
  20. PolySa

    what kind of movies do you like?

    I also love science fiction. I like to accept impossible things. "Star Wars" is my favourite. "The Matrix" also is one of my favourites. I think I'm always a fan of science fiction. It never gets old :) I'm also a fan of family comedies, maybe that's why I'm in love with the series "FREINDS".