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  1. JMuriukitano

    Why we should all vote in national elections

    National elections and voting exercises have been taking place from time memorial. Some of us have done the exercise several times with high hopes that something new might materialize once the elected leaders come to office. Disappointment. The new leaders resort to mere politics and personal...
  2. JMuriukitano

    Do prefer to game in private or communal?

    Well, I know it depends on a variety of reasons, tastes, and preferences. I don’t know about you, but which of these two do you prefer to enjoy most, private or communal gaming and why?
  3. JMuriukitano

    Escaping reality through video games

    There are real stats that show that some people go for gaming simply to escape from the real world. I’d rather we be open and honest with ourselves. Humanly speaking, very few people want to admit that they have challenges or issues bothering them and so they resort to gaming for a cover-up. It...
  4. JMuriukitano

    What are some cognitive benefits of playing video games?

    One of my favorite advantages of computer games (I would like to emphasize on well selected, reasonably balanced, morally tested and goal-oriented) as some researchers have discovered is the improvement of cognitive skills. As these are part and parcel of our day today skills we do good to...
  5. JMuriukitano

    What type of games do you really enjoy?

    I like educational games and have no reservations recommending them for our kids rather than the free range choice for all. Rather than being more engaging and challenging, they leave the brain more exercised and a notch or higher in knowledge and understanding. What kind of games captivates you...
  6. JMuriukitano

    Do you prefer gaming then or now?

    Well, I grew up in the countryside (Two different regions). Most of our games in school or at home were all natural. Climbing trees, run and tap, throwing the javelin, picking wild fruits from extremely tall trees, hunting birds, sliding barefooted on slippery paths and slopes... (All depending...