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    Starfield coming in Q1 2022, according to new report
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    Sony patents Edge Compute Proxy for cloud gaming and 5G
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    ShopTo retailer puts anti-scalping measures in place

    Has anyone other retailer taken measures like this?
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    Saints Row The Third coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

    A PS5 trophy list of Saints Row The Third just popped up. It seems like it may also be coming to Xbox Series X.
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    Pokémon Adventures Sinnoh fan-made Diamond & Pearl remake

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    The King of Fighters XV's Leona Heidern trailer revealed

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    Sega to expand Atlus titles worldwide
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    InXile confirms new game will be FPS and RPG
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    VR porn game Holodexxx denied on Steam
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    Kojima Productions to announce next title soon, says Yoji Shinkawa
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    BAFTA Game Awards 2021 crowns Hades as Game of the Year

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    Smash pro ZeRo in hospital after attempting suicide

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    Bloodborne at 60fps on PS5 with AI upscaling to 4K resolution

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    Marvel's Avengers on PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S with image quality, performance analysis, more

    -PS5 and Series X both target 4k. -PS5 is checkerboard rendering, while Series X is native. -Both still use dynamic resolution scaling. -Owing to its checkerboard solution, PS5's UI scales with resolution. -PS5 has post-process elements that operate at a much lower resolution. -All together...
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    It Takes Two review thread

    Metacritic (90): It Takes Two OpenCritic (88): It Takes Two for PC, XB1, PS5, XBXS, PS4 Reviews GamesBeat: Screen Rant: VGC:
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    Xbox Live Gold no longer required for multiplayer in free-to-play games
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    Kazushige Nojima's Astria Ascending announced for PS4, PS5 and Switch
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    You don’t have to run the exclusive reveal for Six Days in Fallujah
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    PSP, PS3 and Vita PS stores permanently closing from 2 July