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  1. Daniel

    Which streaming service do you prefer? Twitch or Mixer?

    I've had some headlines come across my news feed indicating that a fair amount of big Twitch streamers have moved to Mixer. Is there a reason this is happening do you know? Also, I've never used Mixer to know what's so great about it. Do you have a preference as to which platform you stream to...
  2. Daniel

    Have you ever sold an online game account or character?

    I am not sure if this is still something that occurs a lot but I know that a while back players of games like World of Warcraft used to level up their characters and then sell them. I'm not sure exactly how against the TOS for Blizzard this is but I think sites like eBay forbid it. Have you ever...
  3. Daniel

    Do gamers still host LAN parties?

    Once upon a time, I know that having a LAN party was a big deal and was something that folks had a lot of fun doing. I even had a mini LAN party for my birthday one year while I was still in high school. Do these still happen? Have you ever participated in one?
  4. Daniel

    What mobile game keeps you going back?

    What keeps you going back to a mobile game and not uninstalling?
  5. Daniel

    Nintendo releases Mario Kart Tour on mobile

    Within the last month or two, Nintendo released a Mario Kart Mobile game. I have downloaded and played it and it's actually pretty fun. I also don't feel like I have to purchase things in the app in order to enjoy playing. Have you tried it out yet?
  6. Daniel

    Have you ever come across misleading advertising for mobile games?

    When you download and play a free Mobile game it is almost expected to have some sort of ads or in game purchases. However, which would you rather have? I have seen some games where they are super agressive with the in game ads and it makes it super frustrating. I have uninstalled games because...
  7. Daniel

    Do prefer custom built PC or pre-built PC?

    Depending on your PC savvy nature you may prefer one or the other. In order to build your own gaming rig you will require a moderately good understanding of what is a good deal on hardware and what isn't and be able to do the research. If you buy one pre-built from Cyber Power, Dell, Alienware...