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  1. ShadowDurza

    Game Idea: Kingdom Hearts MMORPG

    Overview Concept Description This is a hypothetical MMO taking place in the same world as Kingdom Hearts. It functions as an instance-based hunting game where players go through various environments doing platforming challenges, obstacle courses, and of course fighting enemies and bosses most...
  2. ShadowDurza

    New Genre Proposals: Soft Souls-Like and Hard Souls-Like

    But Sekiro is so different from Dark Souls. And every action RPG is different from Zelda's combat. You don't compare Zelda's combat with things like Ryzen, Ni No Kuni, Dragon Age, the Witcher, Monster Hunter, etc. Sometimes it's all about the gear, other times it's all about skill with gear...
  3. ShadowDurza

    New Genre Proposals: Soft Souls-Like and Hard Souls-Like

    I guess I should have specified that I was referring to the combat. I feel that Action Combat has become too broad of a term to accurately describe how combat works in all of the games on the market.
  4. ShadowDurza

    New Genre Proposals: Soft Souls-Like and Hard Souls-Like

    Action games with RPG/Progressions elements have evolved to a point where Action RPG is no longer an adequate term to describe them, so I propose two new genres that fit two of my favorite experiences: Soft Souls-Like: For casuals, applies some of From Software's concepts without their...
  5. ShadowDurza

    Dream GDD: Soul Universe (Opinions and Criticism Welcome)

    Overview Description Soul Stories is a Mission/Hunting 3D Hack and Slash Action game with strong RPG and Adventure/Platforming elements and optional Multiplayer. Graphic Design The graphics tend to be bright, colorful, and stylized with a cell-shaded style. All characters have a design...
  6. ShadowDurza

    Any games suggestions for Nintendo?

    No More Heroes isn't for the faint of heart, but its a wild ride from beginning to end. You can't go wrong with 3D Platformers, my recommendations are Super Mario Odyssey, A Hat In Time, and Spyro Reignited Collection. If you want to scratch your exploration itch, Breath of the Wild, and...
  7. ShadowDurza

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    I'm ShadowDurza. I like a lot of different games but my favorite would have to be free-movent 3rd person progression-based action games. 2nd would be 3D platformers, 3rd would be 3D hack-and-slash games, 4th Action RPGs, 5th would be turn-based RPGs, 6th would be 2D platformers. 7th would be 3D...