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  1. scarfall

    Is there any game you like but most other people hate?

    Glad to know you played already, But recently many updates have been released and new modes are also on the way, take a look at the modes below.
  2. scarfall

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

  3. scarfall

    More cheaters in free games?

    lol, eagerly waiting for that day when tencent buys epic games, WIN WIN for hackers and players... :geek:
  4. scarfall

    More cheaters in free games?

    Well, the chinese giant Tencent is behind PUBG, so there is nothing like they cant afford an anti-cheat. They have resources to develop custom anti-cheat, they need to implement banking level security then only hackers will stop.
  5. scarfall

    PUBG or Fortnite?

    i was loving PUBG, but its time to move on, my new favorite is ScarFall :cool:
  6. scarfall

    More cheaters in free games?

    Yes, i think so, most of the free games are full of cheaters and hackers who try to manipulate the game play for their benefits. Even PUBG mobile contain a hell lot of hackers. But they are continuously blocking such players. But the point here is if a big company is also not able to protect...
  7. scarfall

    What game are you playing right now?

    Call OF Duty, PUBG, ScarFall, Dead Cry, Clash Of Scenes
  8. scarfall

    Is there any game you like but most other people hate?

    ScarFall - The Royale Combat
  9. scarfall

    System Lagging in PUBG Lite for Android

    Try playing ScarFall, it works offline also
  10. scarfall

    Pubg lite first impression

    Well PUBG lite is not that much lite, There are better alternatives like ScarFall and free fire which are equal popuar
  11. scarfall

    What are some best Online Games

    There is a big list of some awesome games like PUBG, ScarFall, Fortnite, FreeFire, Knives Out, Dead Cry and many more. You can download and play for free.
  12. scarfall

    PUBG Mobile Diwali Festival Event

    Apart of PUBG many battle royale games introduced diwali theme, one of them was ScarFall. i really enjoy these themes how these foreign games are celebrating diwali.
  13. scarfall

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    hello everyone, This is ScarFall, a hardcore gamer, tester and streamer.It's really nice to meet you all here.i'm super excited to know what this platform offers for the players