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  1. Nerdface

    Microsoft cuts off staff at Inside Xbox and Mixer

    Wow, Microsoft are going around in circles.. It's 2012 all over again (I still miss watching Dan and Andy!).
  2. Nerdface

    Do you care about achievements/trophies?

    I used to be big into my achievements, playing rubbish games for the sake of an easy score.. My score was inside the top 1% worldwide at one point, albeit quite a long time ago (I haven't used this gamertag since 2011). I've since switched to the...
  3. Nerdface

    Theme might need updating

    I can't say that I've noticed any issues.. What browser(s) are you using, and have you tried clearing your local cache? :unsure:
  4. Nerdface

    How do you deal with Game backlog?

    I bury my head under the sand and kid myself that I'll eventually get around to them all.. :ROFLMAO: Honestly, I probably had about 150+ Xbox 360 games, and perhaps half of those went unplayed when I made the decision to sell them. I'm making a similar mistake with the PS3 and PS4, although not...
  5. Nerdface

    EA can't understand the rationale behind being called the bad guys.

    It's not so much killing off popular series and releasing unfinished games for me.. It's their apparent unwillingness to fix what they consider to be minor issues, and the frequency of which they shut down game servers which is particularly problematic in the modern age of gaming where there are...
  6. Nerdface

    Racing Games - Your Favorites

    My favourite racing games at the moment has to be the F1 games from Codemasters. The attention to detail is incredible, Codemasters have really pushed the boat out with them.. 🤩 I'm currently still playing through F1 2017. A decent choice.. I sunk so many hours into it, and finished all of the...
  7. Nerdface

    Gaming has affected your health?

    I definitely attribute my declining eyesight to gaming and computers, at least partially. When I first needed glasses I was the only one in the immediate family to do so. However, that has since changed that almost everyone now needs glasses so there could also be a bit of genetics there I...
  8. Nerdface

    Similar threads

    I've sent the code for Multi-Prefix compatibility to Andy, hopefully he might integrate it. After breaking it again and wondering what went wrong some testing I found that Xon's code was needed in addition to the execution order change that I mentioned at XF.
  9. Nerdface

    Have you ever slept off while gaming?

    It's happened to me more times than I dare count (although not so much recently).. :ROFLMAO: Usually it happens when I'm doing something boring, like boosting for multiplayer achievements / trophies. I must have fallen asleep about half a dozen times while boosting toward "Seriously ..." in...
  10. Nerdface

    What's your game plan for the Summer?

    I plan to play through (and hopefully finish) a few games in my stupidly large backlog.. I've just set up my PSone again for some retro RPGs if I get around to them.. I fancy giving Legend of Legaia and Suikoden a try.
  11. Nerdface

    Odd Threads

    I generally dislike 'forum game' type threads (ie. word association, count to X before Y replies). They're a really, really cheap way of increasing post counts and making a forum look more active than it is.. :cautious:
  12. Nerdface


    I have phases of having really good, or pretty terrible sleep. A couple of years ago I went through a phase of insomnia which wasn't at all fun. I was sleeping for somewhere between 1-3 hours per night, and no matter what I tried I would be unable to get back to sleep after waking up.. This...
  13. Nerdface

    Ever had surgery?

    No *touches wood* I had a knee injury from running a couple of years ago which was a suspected meniscal tear / cartilage damage.. I was advised that I would likely require surgery at some stage, but so far have managed to avoid it (but then again, I haven't really been running since). I've...
  14. Nerdface

    What TV Series are you watching right now ?

    We just finished season 2 episode 6 last night.. Two more to go! So confused right now.. :LOL:
  15. Nerdface

    What are your favorite RPG Games?

    I need to play some more RPGs, but I'm so short on time to do so these days.. :( I would say that Final Fantasy VIII is my favourite RPG to date..
  16. Nerdface

    What TV Series are you watching right now ?

    The only one I'm really watching right now is Killing Eve, which I'm enjoying a lot!
  17. Nerdface

    Are you an impulsive video games buyer?

    Yes, especially when there's a digital sale on PS Store.. 😅 Must.. resist.. further.. purchases.
  18. Nerdface

    Favorite soda?

    I'm drinking less soda these days, but I'm partial to an Irn-Bru (sugar free).
  19. Nerdface

    Sweet or salted popcorn?

    I've had my eyes opened to Sweet and salted.. Yum 😋 If that's not available, sweet every time.
  20. Nerdface

    What do you do with your old consoles?

    I still have the majority of my old consoles, and have tried to breathe new life in to some of them by modding them (PS1, PS2, PSP, Wii). I think we passed on our Master System II and Mega Drive and spread the joy with a younger cousin.. I've contemplated selling my Xbox 360, but it hardly...