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  1. Is the Switch still worth the money?

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the current console - I would like to see some more RPG's and I am looking forward to Resident Evil's latest offering.
  2. Xbox looks to be more approachable, inclusive and accessible

    I am an Xbox user myself - but I am the only person in my group of friends that is. Everybody else prefers the PS4 / 5 interface. I prefer the Xbox and its controllers
  3. What are your favourite survival games?

    If I wanted to play a survival game as an absolute newcomer, what would people recommend?
  4. Are gaming forums dying?

    Yes you can but accessing previous information is an absolute nightmare. This is where forums are stronger. For instantaneous chat, sure discord is the place. Round pegs in square holes comes to mind.
  5. Brand loyalty in the gaming market

    I'm not a brand loyalist usually, but at work I try and select electrical components from people I trust.
  6. Does casual dress code increase productivity at work?

    That would likely be discriminatory here. Also some people do find toes sexy 🤣🤣
  7. What are your favourite survival games?

    I dont play survival games, I just never really got in to them.
  8. Are gaming forums dying?

    Forums aren't a platform for having a natter with family and friends. They are an archive of information, easily accessible and always available. Those interactions can stay put. I have been involved with forums in some respect since about 99 - trends change. They tend to go full circle though...
  9. What highly liked games have you tried out but not liked?

    Read Dead Redemption 2. I was sure excited for it and it felt....meh to me.
  10. Xbox E3 2021 showcase games leaked

    Forza is always enjoyable. I feel like Halo has been done to death now though.
  11. Are gaming forums dying?

    There will always be a place for forum, I wouldn't worry about it. Traffic will naturally return when people see social media for what it is.
  12. Prime Gaming June 2021 free games and bonuses

    Yeah, its not well publicised is it. This is the first time I am hearing about it. I feel like I have been missing out.
  13. Will you be getting Hogwarts Legacy?

    I'll probably buy it for my wife, she is a real HP nerd. :D
  14. Assessing the best Pokemon of all time

    I loved the original Pokemon franchise. The Gameboy games, the TV show and the trading card games. I could still happily play the original games today. I don't have the patience for the newer iterations, although the "lets go" range are not too bad.
  15. Battlefield 6 reveal coming on 9 June

    I liked the last offering, so will probably pick this up at some point. Probably wont pre-order though.
  16. Is the Switch still worth the money?

    I love my switch, but would love to see some more games rolled out. It is becoming a little...stale.
  17. Biomutant – what makes this game so engaging?

    Never played this, but it does look interesting and fun!
  18. Microsoft to unveil new Windows later this month

    I can't imagine what changes we will see, windows 10 is a well rounded product that suits my needs perfectly. Although, I thought the same about XP so I will most likely be proven wrong!
  19. Prime Gaming June 2021 free games and bonuses

    How had I never heard of Prime Gaming before? /goes to check it out.
  20. The first details of Resident Evil 4 Remake for Xbox Series X | S are filtered

    I don't recalling playing Resident evil 4 through to completion... it will be the only resident evil game which I haven't completed though. I'll pick up the remake for sure.