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  1. Martin Berisford

    Xbox E3 2021 showcase games leaked

    I've seen this list of leaked games that we might be seeing making an appearance at E3 this weekend - was wondering what you all think? Any stand out WOW games in there that take your fancy? For me, it's a new Forza game - love a good reason to bust out the steering wheel. - Starfield - Halo...
  2. Martin Berisford

    Which Grand Theft Auto game has the best Story Mode?

    I've always been super torn on this one - by far, GTA V is the most polished and impressive game I've really ever played (and seems to be the best selling!) but the storyline really didn't hit the same as it has in other titles for me. I think personally that GTA SA will always be the shining...
  3. Martin Berisford

    What's the best gaming TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

    The time has come for my office/mancave to be blessed with a new TV that is good for gaming related activities. I'd love it to be one that's good for consoles but also can act a second screen for my PC as well. Budget wise I'd be looking at around £5-700 but willing to go a little higher for...
  4. Martin Berisford

    What highly liked games have you tried out but not liked?

    What games have you seen some very large hype and word of mouth flying round (cough, Cyberpunk, cough) and picked up in the hope of finding your next big binge game but ultimately found yourself disappointed? For me, it would honestly have to be Minecraft. So many people seem to enjoy it and it...
  5. Martin Berisford

    Is the Switch still worth the money?

    To be fair, the current Switch does the job really well for me. I'm not as hardcore as I was on consoles so I don't need something fancy - the Switch is a perfect size, and when we can travel again, it'll almost certainly be a companion on any trips I do. Lightweight, portable and a great little...
  6. Martin Berisford

    What are your favourite survival games?

    I really, really don't understand the Minecraft hype lol. It's just never grew on me whenever I've tried it out but hey, that's life. Now survivor games like Left 4 Dead and that, they are my jam. I love having to survive the oncoming hoard of zombies but recently I've gotten into speedrunning...
  7. Martin Berisford

    Favorite type of video games?

    Simulation, city building style games (Like the appropriately named SimCity) are my style of games. Things like Theme Hospital, SIMs, Cities Skyline and all those kind of things - you'll find my Steam littered with playtime around then haha. I love all the little add-ons you can throw in on a PC...
  8. Martin Berisford

    Help me find a gaming PC

    I can't count how many super-stacked bitcoin mining rigs I've seen rocking about 6 x 3080's or something haha. Think the BTC hype has contributed to the run on GFX cards, as well as everyone staying at home and gaming a lot more, probably building rigs and stuff. I'd certainly consider a used...
  9. Martin Berisford

    What do you make of VR horror games?

    I've honestly never really tried VR to it's full potential - every time I've put on a headset so far I've developed either a headache or motion sickness style symptoms. I've tried different headsets, different games etc. and it always appears. It's annoying as hell as I love the idea of VR and...
  10. Martin Berisford

    Help me find a gaming PC

    Honestly, what I did when I was building mine is use this website - - and it really helps when choosing all the pieces. If you're like me and want to actually build it all yourself, this really helps make sure all your parts are compatible with one another. If you're...
  11. Martin Berisford

    Are gaming forums dying?

    I would certainly agree that forums are on the way out across the board but there is still a place for them in my head. Don't get me wrong, the like of social media and discord are great, and maybe it's because I'm in my twenties and grew up with forums, but I just love coming across a forum and...
  12. Martin Berisford

    The JoyFreak Community Thread

    Lots of chillaxing! Made plans to visit the cinema a few times haha - missed the big screen!
  13. Martin Berisford

    What are you saving up for?

    Saving money towards a few tours I want to do when I (hopefully!) go to Norway next year. Booked pre-pandemic so just hoping the situation eases ever so slightly so I can go!
  14. Martin Berisford

    Do you wear a face covering?

    Wear them when out and about as required. Technically I'm exempt but all part of the collective effort I suppose.
  15. Martin Berisford

    Thoughts on the use of non-gaming apps on gaming consoles

    Yeah, I mean I use my XBOX as a multi-use console also - not just games in my household. I have a streaming application on there which I use to watch content that's stored on my PC on my big TV downstairs. Also use it for things like Netflix, YouTube and so on. It's all able to do it so my...
  16. Martin Berisford

    Have you hydrated today?

    Yeah - luckily for me my office is right near one of those fancy water dispensing things so I use it often as an excuse to take five mins to just stand up and swig a glass down me. Think I've probably had 2ish litres today which isn't a bad haul on the old hydration front! Rather annoying though...
  17. Martin Berisford

    What's the best thing that's happened to you lately?

    Treat yourself! What did you spend your money on? :) That's good to hear! These girls tend to have a habit of making things better for us haha. Great to hear life is treating you well though! Good stuff Demon, I hope it goes really well for you! Is it a job you want in the area you want? Let...
  18. Martin Berisford

    Nintendo Switch out of stock across the UK

    Ah, I've just got mine but to be quite honest I couldn't care less if they bring out a newer, better model. I doubt it'll be such a superb upgrade that my current Switch is simply blown out of the water lol. At the end of the day, long as my Switch can play Pokemon I'll be a happy chappy because...
  19. Martin Berisford

    PC Gamers: Will you be buying an Xbox Series X or PS5?

    I'm not personally planning on picking up a next-gen console for a good while yet unless some lovely soul in my family decides it's an appropriate Christmas present or something haha. I've just recently bought myself a new XBOX so there's no point in shelling out more money in my eyes unless...
  20. Martin Berisford

    Will Sony ever release a new PSP?

    I would say as it stands, the Switch can handle the portable games console market quite well and as Demon_skeith mentioned, just leaving the likes of Sony and XBOX to focus on their own, less-portable consoles is probably the best option to ensure that we've got some kick-ass consoles out and...