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  1. gsergent

    What's you Favorite Game Soundtrack?

    I think for me it would be legends never die of Ligue of legeds! it seems to me an excellent song and to others very good animation!
  2. gsergent

    Single or multi player ?

    Personally I prefer the multi player, and that can be cominicated by microphone or text so they are far away, experience is shared and more area can be covered in missions
  3. gsergent

    Do you play games on weekends?

    Of course, the weekends are the best since my friends are unemployed and we can spend a lot of time online in cooperative missions or in pvp !
  4. gsergent

    Violent video game

    I think that everything depends on the environment in which a person is growing, since with a good education (ignoring psychological things) you can get to play very violent things and not generate any type of behavior in the person !
  5. gsergent

    Custom Built or Pre-Built?

    It will always be better, build your own PC, since you can choose your components one by one and have the best possible performance on your computer, but there are also good pre-built computers that can be very good to some extent!
  6. gsergent

    Any League of Legends players ?

    Hello, I played for two years and then left for the studies, sincerely at first I found it monotonous and boring, but after having resumed a few months ago, I liked it a lot as they have evolved in terms of events and those things, the games are better Paired in my opinion and I do not say it is...
  7. gsergent


    I can not wait for the launch to arrive to be able to buy it! I know it will be an excellent game with graphic quality and jagibilad. Great!
  8. gsergent

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    I have never played any resident evil, but I think that for all the fans of the game it is something excellent since they will be able to relive those hours of game in excellent definition!
  9. gsergent

    Game time

    Most people see video games as simple entertainment and playing a lot of time can be even harmful to health, everything is too bad, but I also think that games can even be a great source of income, either doing streaming, guides and tutorials.