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    How much did you pay for your PC?

    You are so lucky .. while me i have to raise fund on my own to build my pc .. nobody wants to give me PC for a gift.
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    Do you in-app purchase in Android games?

    I don't have any purchase In Apps because some games on mobile are actually way more better to play on PC.
  3. L

    How much time you spend on Mobile Games?

    When i'm at my bed i usually spend more time on my mobile to play games or whenever i'm outside.
  4. L

    Mobile game recommendations?

    You should try Ragnnarok Online Global for RPG or PUBGMobile if you like FPS games.
  5. L

    Custom Built or Pre-Built?

    I prefer the custom build because in the near future you can easily go upgrade your rig.
  6. L

    Favorite PS1 game?

    My favorite game on PS1 is WWE . This was the time that Wrestling is so popular in my country.
  7. L

    What??!!! WOW!!!

    Do you have any idea what month PS5 will be release ?
  8. L

    What's your first game on Playstation 4 console?

    NBA2k19 i'm also been a fan of nba so this is the only game i usually play on PS4.
  9. L

    Jump Force

    Yeah it's kinda pricey but i think the game will worth your money ....This game is a dream of any anime fan out there.
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    How much did your device cost?

    I buy my laptop around 500 euros and my Desktop around 700$ but it was 2 years ago i think it ill be more cheaper and you can get more decent builds.
  11. L

    Which your favorite Emulator for PC?

    Znes emulator is my best favorite because i can play old games like final fantasy and breath of fire games and they are many more games to choose from.
  12. L

    Downloading YouTube Videos

    I'm using IDM on downloading youtube videos. It's fast and easy and it is ad free.
  13. L

    Using Gaming cheat codes to play

    For me using cheat codes are not funny at all.Cheat is always killing the game the excitement and enjoyment will be all gone .
  14. L

    Gamers how old are you?

    There is no need to be ashamed we are all the same.. Age doesn't matter to us when it comes to gaming .
  15. L

    How much did you pay for your PC?

    I've build a pc with a amount of around 700$ .. It was a i5 intel and some 8 gb ram , 1tb drive and i use GTX 1050 and my monitor is Asus 23inches wide... But now this specs are more cheap i buy my pc 2 years ago but it still in good condition
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    What don't you like about gaming?

    The thin i don't like about gaming are some disrespectful players that who are always flaming and swearing.
  17. L

    Have you ever regretted buying a game?

    I never regret buying a game because before i purchased a game i'm watching first some trailers or reviews about the game always thinking that if the money is worth on this game....And i'm also checking the gamepla. on every game..
  18. L

    Do you still buy Boxed pack games?

    I'd never buy boxed pack games now .. you are right Steam game packs are more prefer on some players because it can't lose rather than boxes pack .. If the box is destroyed .. The game is destroy too. .
  19. L

    Do you use Discord with Gaming friends?

    Yes, I'm using discord to communicate with my friends and my other party on game .Voice chat is so fun specially when you and your friends are on a multiplayer mode.
  20. L

    Energy Drinks

    I don't really like to drink energy drinks because it sometimes can cause some health problems..I rather choose to drink coffee it always stays me awake.