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  1. rockpen23

    My years on fighting games.

    This is THE decade for fighting games. There are lots of great games, but I would have to go with Street Fighter II (1991) and its variations. It may not be the best, but Street Fighter II was the one that started it all, and the true really legendary game here. I played Street Fighter II for...
  2. rockpen23


    I wanted the Dreamcast because of that Jet Set Radio game. It looked really cool. The also had some Sonic game I wanted too. Also I wanted the Xbox because you were able to listen to music and play games simultaneously. The games also looked better on the Xbox as well. I remember playing NBA2K...
  3. rockpen23

    Too old to play?

    One of the misconception and non gamers make about gamers is that video games are for kids . This one is disappointing and I get it all the time of course the first basic video games that we have known is Mario Bros and stuff like that were intended for children but the medium has grown just as...
  4. rockpen23

    Game time

    I've heard this a lot that gaming is a waste of time that's really just hypocritical statement because most of these people who say video games are a waste of time will also go and watch the average of two to three hours of TV every night. We know everybody has to have a hobby and do we consider...
  5. rockpen23

    FTP or PTW?

    I guess we're gonna have a little discussion on how we treat a game, because ending is that would be kind of short when we put some bucks into it but yeah the term free to play and pay to win they're pretty self explanatory. Gamers when they pay a lot of money so they have advantages that people...
  6. rockpen23

    What is your most addictive game?

    Currently I am playing 7 Grand Steps: What the ancients begat. It's hard to describe what this game is. It feels almost like a single player board game. You manage your family as you try to earn status and tokens. You use your resources to advance your reputation and social standing without...
  7. rockpen23

    What's Your Favorite Boardgame?

    My favorite board game is Monopoly, anyone who's ever played monopoly knows how the typical game goes first a scramble for property it's a giant game of hungry hungry hippos roll by repeat next to there's a little no monopolies no trading nothing to do eventually someone gets a monopoly and if...
  8. rockpen23

    Does gaming makes us a better person?

    What really bothers me is whenever people say that playing games makes people violent. In my opinion playing games really helps reduce bad emotions since it is a good way to release stress and tension whenever we feel tired and exhausted. I know there are a lot of violent incident that are being...
  9. rockpen23

    Gaming for money?

    Many of us probably have heard that you can't make a career out of video games and that is absolutely not true don't let anyone tell you otherwise now of course you may not agree that many of us treat gaming as a profession but making a benchmark in a specific games can be advantageous because...
  10. rockpen23


    I am excited to be part of this forum, I have been a gamer for quite some time, I can say ever since nintendo and play station have been invented. I remember playing siphon filter, small soldier, metal slug, mortal combat, etc. As of the moment I am playing God of War, NBA, and Spiderman. What...