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    The best series game you ever played?

    Yeah if you want to give it a try, buy Anno 1404 + Venice expansion (Gold version on Steam). :) RIGHT NOW it is at 75% discount!! Lucky ;) Ends in two days. https://store.steampowered.com/app/33250/
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    The AoC Dungeon - Ashes of Creation community site

    Hello everyone. I run the community site called The AoC Dungeon, for the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation. I started it about a year ago, and have built it up with a lot of features and love. Recently got a redesign. The Ashes of Creation Dungeon
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    The best series game you ever played?

    Anno series. I just love them. I can get stuck for hours upon hours, losing track of all time sense :P I've played (and enjoyed a lot): Anno 1503 Anno 1701 Anno 1404 (the best one to date) I skipped Anno 2070 and 2205, as I don't enjoy the futuristic approach. 2070 was a okay game, but...