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  1. SteinerMath

    Arcade Games

    There are a few malls in my area that have arcades and they are always packed until closing time. It is weird, it is not only kids and teenagers who are there, adults and elderly people also flock the games where you sit on a long rectangular table and you shoot the fishes on the table (the...
  2. SteinerMath

    Touchpad or mouse

    I prefer using a wired mouse when using my laptop, for work and when playing games. I have had issues with a couple of bluetooth mouse before and that experience has made me a wired mouse advocate for years now. Touchpad is useful when just doing work stuff, especially when you are in a public...
  3. SteinerMath

    Gaming has affected your health?

    When I was younger I spent most of my free time playing games on a PC or a console. It affected my eyesight and now I need to wear eyeglasses. I don't know if that was the main reason or if it was genes but I am the only one who wears glasses on my family. Nowadays, I exercise regularly and have...
  4. SteinerMath

    Google+ is shutting down

    I don't think it will have any impact on the gaming community. Google+ was never a popular way of communicating among gamers. Nowadays, most are on Discord and that includes myself. Personally, I have only used Google+ maybe once or twice and just forgot about it as other people I know don't use it.
  5. SteinerMath

    Why do some people hate playing games?

    I have not encountered anyone that hates games recently. Our generation are mostly comprised of gamers. Nerds are in, what was nerdy and uncool a few decades ago are now what is cool. I even have friends who are way older than me and some are even in their 50s and are gamers to an extent. I...
  6. SteinerMath

    My years on fighting games.

    I remember the Mortal Kombat games of old, I think I was in third or fourth grade when I first played them on a Sega MegaDrive 2 and it blew my mind. There was I, an innocent kid and seeing all that gory fatalities for the first time. It was a fun time practicing the fatalities of each...
  7. SteinerMath

    Do you think Nintendo is the best?

    I do not think that Nintendo is the best. Nor do I think that Xbox or Playstation is. I love them all equally to be honest, there are games that are exclusive to just that platform and I guess that makes each special. I recently bought a Nintendo Switch and I am having a blast playing Mario Kart...
  8. SteinerMath

    Do you lend your games?

    Everyone has their preference, I personally don't like lending my favorite games to others. If I really don't care for the game then it would be fine. It is the same with my book collection of my favorite authors, I would not let that get out of my room. I guess, if you really care about the...
  9. SteinerMath

    What are your favorite fighting games?

    My favorite fighting game of all time would be Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I was in college when it came out and it really took most of my free time. Me and my friends would hang out on the arcade and they would play tekken and street fighter but me and a highschool friend would play MvC2, there would...
  10. SteinerMath

    Game time

    Everyone needs something to do to unwind and relax after a tiring and stressful day at work. Others watch movies, tv series, play card games, play sports, etc. It is basically the same concept whatever it is that you do to make you happy and relax. So, I don't quite get the vitriol others have...
  11. SteinerMath


    I have never heard of the previous game before, good thing I was in this forum and saw your post for this sequel. I saw the video updates and am quite impress since creating a game is really hard. I hope this will be a success and I will support this if I can when this game comes out. Cheers!
  12. SteinerMath

    Board game

    This is the first time I have heard of this game and I am intrigued. Me and my friends play the EDH format of Magic: The Gathering during weekends and seeing that this game also uses cards and even has sleeves in the box, I might bring it up with them so we can decide if we would like to buy the...
  13. SteinerMath

    How old were you ?

    I was probably around 14 or 15 when I first played this. It blew my mind, before that the level of violence on games I played were really low. I had lots of fun and didn't even played the story and the missions, I just ran around and drove around the city and was really amazed with the level of...