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  1. Bravosi

    How can the community help?

    Precisely true! Once a person has to manage his life completely then he must adjust to it properly as well.
  2. Bravosi

    Gaming contests

    To be honest a company should hold a gaming contest only when it's big enough. I used to play Nosgoth which had audience of 500 people, and the company kept having contests with money give away. Eventually they got bankrupt and closed.
  3. Bravosi

    How much did you pay for your PC?

    Back in 2014 it was around $500. Now it's maybe lower.
  4. Bravosi

    What is your most favourite device to play games online

    Pc, for sure. Gaming on a mobile device just doesn't do it for me, don't know why. Tiny screen maybe.
  5. Bravosi

    Gaming has affected your health?

    Partially, I've began to have it affect my eyes vision. But mostly apart from that - nothing.
  6. Bravosi

    What don't you like about gaming?

    I dislike that I can never really find the perfect game, and when I want to have something changed it's impossible to impact on the company.
  7. Bravosi

    Play station games on phones , do you like them?

    I generally dislike gaming on phones, as I don't get the atmospheric feeling. The device is too bloody small for me! :D
  8. Bravosi

    Educational games

    I voted for educational because there were no RTS in the list. I like pretending to be a lord who manages his kingdom.
  9. Bravosi

    Don't be addicted to gaming

    Gaming addiction can be divided into two categories, a "hobby-addiction", or an excessive gaming due to lack of socializing options. Myself I had the 2nd option. My classmates preferred to drink and hang out in clubs.
  10. Bravosi

    We need to be careful

    To a certain degree, I agree with you. But yet again, if the person is mentally strong no game will impact him.
  11. Bravosi

    Arcade Games

    This thread made me want to revist my old browser arcade games. Boy, they were fun!
  12. Bravosi

    The Last of Us Part 2 - Who else is excited for this??

    I don't like the gameplay as much as I like the role, but I hated the whole leftie part in Ellie's story.
  13. Bravosi

    My years on fighting games.

    I think classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter won't be outshined by anything new in the genre, tbh.
  14. Bravosi

    Do you use Emulators to play games on PC?

    I used to once, to be more specific I used plane flying emulators, but I kinda grew out of it.
  15. Bravosi

    Jump Force

    I might try it, looks quite interesting if you ask me.
  16. Bravosi

    Kingdom Hearts III

    I played the first two, but the 3rd one didn't. Should I?
  17. Bravosi

    What??!!! WOW!!!

    To be honest I don't even know, I thought PS4 already has everything needed haha.
  18. Bravosi

    Call of Cthulhu

    I played this game, and I don't know. It seemed thrilling at the beginning but as the game progresses it gets kinda boring. The first one was better imho.
  19. Bravosi

    Gaming PC

    One of the most important things is the processor, the videocard can me mediocre I think.
  20. Bravosi

    What's your first game on Playstation 4 console?

    The Last of Us! The story is magnificient. I keep rewatching on YouTube as well.