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  1. Malcolm


    Nope. The option is disabled.
  2. Malcolm

    Best ways to save money?

    Hmm interesting I’m going to try those sites out! Thanks for sharing
  3. Malcolm

    Best ways to save money?

    Not spending... just kidding! Take a look at humble bundle!
  4. Malcolm

    Next game on your purchase list?

    Uboat and doomsday preper! I’ve been eyeing these games for quite some time now
  5. Malcolm

    What TV Series are you watching right now ?

    I’m about to watch Game of Thrones, watched season 1 and 2 before but it was a long time ago so I’m starting over. But watched Brooklyn nine nine
  6. Malcolm

    Favorite Sports?

    Mine would be rowing, volleyball and hockey!
  7. Malcolm

    Advanced forum stats?

    Hello there! I was thinking perhaps JoyFreak should get the addon Advanced Forum Stats by AddonFlre. I believe it would increased forum activity, I use it on my site and so does Mind Piff.
  8. Malcolm

    Bad habits of the gaming industry?

    I’d have to say micro transactions.. keep it out of games. But that’s just my opinion
  9. Malcolm

    Which consoles do you own/use for gaming?

    I use/own an Xbox One X, PS4, PC and my smartphone for gaming! But primarily use my xbox to play more FPS games.
  10. Malcolm

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    Ooo awesome! I just got a second controller because my mic jack on one stopped working so I used that as my excuse to get a second controller.
  11. Malcolm

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

  12. Malcolm

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    I play on PC but I also like playing xbox! Thank you! :)
  13. Malcolm

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone! Malcolm here! Just joined, I found this site from a post on my website and thought I'd support JoyFreak! I'm a pretty heavy gamer so I'll most likely be on a lot! :) Well, see you guys around!