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  1. HOT Call Of Duty Mobile

    Looks good. Nice graphics.
  2. Shopify Stock Shows Excellent Growth

    This company is amazing me. I wish I bought that stock from the beginning, so my money would grow so much. Shopify Stock (NYSE: SHOP) has shown excellent growth. The company launched in 2004. Shopify went public on May 21, 2015, and in its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, started trading...
  3. Do you know Idle-Empire?

    Sounds interesting. I will check it out.
  4. Premium link in footer broke?

    This forum is gonna need a lot more posts and replies per day if it is gonna make premium accounts.
  5. What Video Game Made You Rage Quit?

    Playing Quake 2 servers where everybody is better than me. That is frustrating.
  6. Offline Mobile Games

    You should get something like minesweeper.
  7. Reincarnated As A Monster RPG

    Pledged more than $1,000. Really, quite a lot. The future is moving towards more people owning expensive cell phones that have internet and games.
  8. Anyone Experiencing Joy-Con Drift on the Switch Lite?

    Control stick starts to move by itself, that's serious. Good thing if you were not controlling anything important. I had fan break down on laptop, so it has to be repaired.
  9. Are you on Mixer?

    I am not on mixer. I guess you mean Looks like it has interesting streams.
  10. Have you tried GDevelop?

    I have not tried it. Sounds interesting. I will try it later. It would be nice to say I made a game myself.
  11. Become a game tester!

    Sounds fun. Good luck improving the game.
  12. DoorDash Data Breach had info of 4.9 million customers, merchants

    I thought this was interesting. DoorDash is a food delivery company that was previously blamed for taking drivers' tips (not giving drivers their tips). And, now this. The online food delivery service DoorDash says a data breach occurred in which the personal information of 4.9 million people...

    This is a Counter-Strike weapon? Why is it worth so much?
  14. Introducing a New Battle Royale Play2Earn Game

    Win "real money"? Then what is the catch? Is there a price to join?
  15. Card Games

    Indian rummy, teen patti, ganjifa, thunee.
  16. Issues with Sleep

    I have most problems if I work dayshift then switch to nightshifts. Or nightshifts to dayshifts. Or, if I came back from a country where 12am there is 12pm here. Intense book reading should put you to sleep well. Try chemistry or learning new languages.
  17. Minecraft account for £5 !!?? Buy now + instant delivery

    What is the point of buying them? Is there some value here?
  18. Para os fãs do Resident Evil

    I watched some of your resident evil videos. Interesting. Game graphics are impressive. I could see some nice architecture. Angle is always different to watch the person walking. It is kind of that old game called "alone in the dark."
  19. Russian humanoid robot launched into space

    Sorry about the wrong link. The page is located here now: Aug 22, 2019: Russian Humanoid Robot Launched in Test Flight
  20. Arena of Valor on Android

    Looks similar to Warcraft 3.