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  1. Nova

    A few Dev Diaries for Broken Lines

    Looks interesting. Do you have plans to release the games on android? That would be surely fun to try out some of your games there.
  2. Nova

    Minecraft Make Comeback and defeat Tetris in the most selling game ever.

    I think any game like minecraft is time consuming and also the creative mode is not fun anymore.
  3. Nova

    Games similar to the Minecraft?

    I will definitely take a look at that. currently i found the following trailer on youtube. is this the same game?
  4. Nova

    PUBG Game optimization

    I think PUBG Lite is definitely good considering you can now play on both PC and the mobile. I find it really useful.
  5. Nova

    HOT Call Of Duty Mobile

    It is indeed a good graphics and though it has some of the bugs so far. I think it should be good enough on some attempts.
  6. Nova

    Heister - Gameplay Teaser

    That is unfortunate, If the game ever comes up for android. I'll surely be reviewing it and sharing with others.
  7. Nova

    What do you look for in an early access title!?

    I think PVP and the battle royale mode both can be fun. I think PVP is even better if it is something like MOBA format.
  8. Nova

    Not Really a Good Deal on Switch

    I think 280$ USD is pretty expensive. And the thing is that considering the platform like Nintendo Switch Lite is not much worth investing into anymore.
  9. Nova

    Do you know Idle-Empire?

    Looks like a good concept to me. I would appreciate if you can share the gameplay. I am sure people would like to see before trying.
  10. Nova

    PUBG Game optimization

    I think in case of the PUBG lite there seems to be a lot of bugs. And I have seen them while playing as well.
  11. Nova

    Gaming Tester

    Sure let us know about this website. I'd love to test the games. It sounds like fun. I have mostly done the reviews and livestream for free. It can be pretty painful in such case.
  12. Nova

    New Games

    I kind of felt the same. I think it seems like RPG version of clash of clans.
  13. Nova

    What game are you playing right now?

    I am currently playing this mobile game named Realm Defense and it seems like cool with their current event going on.
  14. Nova

    Card Games

    Yeah the thing about the rummy like game is that it can also make you lose money in real life if you put it in there.
  15. Nova

    Call of Duty Mobile on Android is Awesome

    I played the call of duty android mobile. And it seems like a good game. Only issue there are lot of bugs and it kind of messes with your experience. Like you get respawn in same position after walking. So kind of slow on that. Check out the gameplay.
  16. Nova

    Zombie Roadkill

    I am sure I have posted about many zombie games out there. And most of those games were for the android. And this game too is based on android. and it seems like the 3D version of the game can be good for gaming. Check out the gameplay.
  17. Nova

    Warface - Sniping is awesome!

    Never tried it. But if it is as you say. Then I am going to check it out. Based on gameplay it also seems too good. I guess I may have to try it on my own and see where I match up on this.
  18. Nova

    Xbox (beta) intaller doesn't work on PC

    I don't think the XBOX apps are designed for PC based installation but if you can get it to work then it is good. I personally don't prefer such sandbox based installation though.
  19. Nova

    Sony PS4 exclusive game that you must play

    It seems like some good games are listed there in the video to play this year.
  20. Nova

    New Games

    How is age of strategy? How about you add some youtube video to the same?I am sure it'd be fun that way.