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  1. FaceHugger

    For those whose incomes have increased greatly, how is your life now compared to how you thought it would be?

    When I was in my early 20's leaving college and throwing myself into the turbulent job market, I envied the people earning a lot more money than me. "Man, what I would do with that kind of money" I thought. Then nine or ten years later I achieve that dream and realize, damn, life is pretty much...
  2. FaceHugger

    Steam Summer Sale 2020 is now live

    STEAM SUMMER SALE 2020 - THE SUMMER OF PRIDE and ROAD TRIP SPECIAL This year buy games to earn points (100 points per $1 USD spent). Use points to purchase things like: Avatar frames Animated stickers for chat and profile posts Mini profile backgrounds, including animated ones Also...
  3. FaceHugger

    You know what was terrible? Early cellphones

    The simple interfaces. Having to look up people in a clumsy list. Trying to text using the basic numpad (even the Blackberry keypad wasn't pleasant to use (better, but not great). I can't think of any common device still used that benefited more from a simple design change than cellphones...