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  1. Griffin

    Star Wars Squadrons gets B-Wings and TIE Defenders in December

    This game was a blast in VR im glad they are updating it with more content (which is counter to what they original said at launch)
  2. Griffin

    Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall announced for PC VR and Oculus Quest!

    Not much in the trailer but this is being developed by Carbon Studios who previously made The Wizards - Dark Times Also it's Age of Sigmar which is Eh Not sure how Popluar VR is around these parts but I like VR, Carbon Studios' games and Warhammer so I am pretty hyped
  3. Griffin

    Xbox Series X external expansion cards revealed

    oh expansion card made me think it was like extra ram or an external GPU but there just hard drives, that's significantly less interesting
  4. Griffin

    How many of you use a "free" VPN?

    if you need a VPN dont use a free one they will sell your data, they have to make money somehow after all. if you need a VPN I would recommend mullvad.
  5. Griffin

    Xbox GM responds to criticism about Halo Infinite's graphics

    I like that they blame both that its a WIP and the video stream quality its like they cant make up their mind which excuse to use. I get that Its a WIP but also it's supposed to be a flagship game to show off the power of their new console, Im not going to pretend to be impressed by what were...
  6. Griffin

    What game are you playing right now?

    I just finished Vertigo remastered, Its a VR game orignally released in 2016 got updated with a lot of QoL stuff, its pretty great like a mix of Half-life 1 and Portal
  7. Griffin

    Psychonauts 2 coming to PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC

    but still no release date right?
  8. Griffin

    The Medium dual reality coming exclusively to Xbox Series X

    It seems interesting but since its coming to PC there is really no intentive for me to pickup and Xbox.
  9. Griffin

    State of Decay 3 announced for Xbox Series X and PC

    I found State of decay novel but buggy and a little under developed State of decay 2 was just a fresh coat of paint with all the same problems maybe third times the charm?
  10. Griffin

    Overwatch replaces McCree's noose spray in-game

    Its was a noose but i dont really get the debate,NickNailer above summed it up nicely. what am I not going to kill myself now that Overwatch doesn't have a drawing of a noose? every character also carries a gun around, are we really regressing back to the days people thought video games cause...
  11. Griffin

    Back 4 Blood teaser reminds us game hasn't been Left 4 Dead

    Its funny I was just thinking about this game a little while ago, I certainly hope they Lightning can strike twice for them but a lot has changed in the company from now to the L4D 2 days
  12. Griffin

    Video game release dates July 2020

    I dont buy games at release but I am pretty excited to pickup Destroy All Humans! when its on discount.
  13. Griffin

    Let’s talk about BioShock Infinite’s politics.

    why can't a white dude talk about oppression?
  14. Griffin

    The Last of Us Part II haters are going overboard...

    I have not played either of the last of us games, but why do you think these people must secretly love the game? is the game so good that it is impossible for someone to dislike? I heard that the second game is a departure from the first could it be that a lot of people dont like the change in...
  15. Griffin

    Game publishers are looking to raise prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X games

    justifiable maybe if your games isn't also riddled with mirotransactions. if enough people stop buying games at launch they would have to lower the price back
  16. Griffin

    Have you ever cried playing a game?

    I honestly cannot think of any piece of fictional media that has made me cry. but I dont think its an odd question I know quite a few friends who get very emotional and attached when playing video games ( and i assume cry I have never asked them about it to know for sure)
  17. Griffin

    Game publishers are looking to raise prices for PS5 and Xbox Series X games

    Too rich for my blood it will be $95 cad for me based on the exchange rate. I already can't justify the price of a 79.99 game. I guess I just have to hope PC gaming doesn't follow the same trend or I am never buying a video game even close to release date ever again Edit: Also i find it funny...
  18. Griffin

    Am I the only one who no longer buys games on release?

    there are some pretty killer deals off steam that still give steam keys if one does care about saving a few buck just use or their Augmented Steam add-on if you browse steam on the web
  19. Griffin

    Am I the only one who no longer buys games on release?

    The last game I bought on launch was Half-life Alyx but before that I cannot remember, on PC games go on sale so often and my backlog is so big at this point I just dont see the point of buying games new most of the time.
  20. Griffin

    How do you feel about films and TV shows based on video games?

    Most of the time they are cheap cash grabs however one of my all time favourite games is a movie tie-in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie I also really like the Westworld awakening game.