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  1. Empire

    What's your time zone?

    As a community who might be looking for people to game with, let's see who will be joining. But time zones are a pain in the butt at times. So what's the time as you are now?
  2. Empire

    Your finance Problems! What or How to deal with it?

    So, what to hear you guys' thoughts on this better, ideals and how would you deal with it. Let's say you are unemployed with bills sky high and maybe you are in debt and you only have the crash for day to day living, then one day your home or maybe your car got destroyed or just broken, or...
  3. Empire

    What's the weather like?

    What's the weather like where you are? For me, A fine, hot and sunny evening will be followed by another noticeably warm and muggy night with long clear spells. There is the outside chance of thunderstorm across the Pennines during the early hours, but most parts staying dry. Minimum...
  4. Empire

    Who here uses Amazon Prime?

    Does anyone anyone use Amazon Prime here? It allows you to get free postage on most items and allows you access to Amazon Video/Music, you can even link your account to Twitch and get one month of free subscription. I've had it for almost 4 years now. Although Netflix is a lot better!
  5. Empire

    Scrap Mechanic Hype!

    Anyone here plays scrap mechanic? About the game Scrap Mechanic is a sandbox video game developed for Windows by Swedish game studio and publisher, Axolot Games, in which players can build machines, vehicles, and buildings, and share their creations online Fantastic game with a lot of room...