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  1. Nicodemous52

    Do the ends justify the means?

    I am directly responding to the arguments presented in the video. Nope, you defeat yourself before you even get started. There is no "spectrum" either they do, or they do not. Trying to have a "gray" area here is how shit got fucked up in the first place... Do you not see how you try to make...
  2. Nicodemous52

    Help me with this, I'm confused.

    So I can't figure this out... Is Trump "occupying" US cities unlawfully, or was the Covid response failure NOT his responsibility? Does Trump have jurisdiction in these cities or doesn't he? EXPLAIN THIS SHIT! YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS...
  3. Nicodemous52

    Is Epic really being so aggressive?

    There are a lot of reason I've sworn off the Epic game store. Chief among them is that it kind of makes me mad how aggressive they have been with trying to get launch exclusives on their platform. I get that it's a saturated market, and that Steam is an absolute juggernaut, I get you have to...
  4. Nicodemous52

    People think Valorant is too expensive

    Do the skins give you an advantage in game play? No? Then who cares? Too rich for your blood? Don't buy them. Problem solved. Better yet, just don't play the game at all. Show your displeasure if it means that much to you, crying about it will do nothing, so long as people keep playing and...
  5. Nicodemous52

    What's a game you are just terrible at, but you still think is fun and awesome?

    Title says it all. For me recently I started playing Trials of the Blood Dragon. A dirt biking game set in the Far Cry Blood Dragon universe. I've not completed the game, but so far I've only had two "perfect" runs and every other has been a "D" or an "F" except for a couple of "C"s. I'm just...
  6. Nicodemous52

    Banner Saga Trilogy on sale now

    They are all individually on sale, but you can pick up all three for with all the soundtracks for under $20 USD. Just spreading the love for a great franchise. I have them all, but I can only speak to the first game...
  7. Nicodemous52

    No Microsoft! That's a bad Microsoft!!!

    Damn it Microsoft... Stop forcing your garbage on me! I saw you had a chrome based version of edge, guess what, I actively chose to not download it. I was perfectly happy using the old edge as my back up browser to Brave. But, with Brave also being chrome based, why would I want to use Edge as...
  8. Nicodemous52

    A response to the response to the response

    You perhaps have heard Harper's Letter on Justice and Open Debate. If you have not a link will be provided for you to read it yourself. It's basically an appeal to common sense against cancel culture, a response to such a culture. It has caused some "controversy" among those that both...
  9. Nicodemous52

    Apex Legends addresses Match making issues

    I've not played the game, so I can't speak to the extent of the problem. But, the game is only a year and a half old people. League of Legends has been around for like 11 years now, and even it still has some issues with match making. But considering I've not played the game, perhaps I'm just...
  10. Nicodemous52

    Lego NES will cost more than an actual NES

    They be trippin'... (I'm aware that Lego sets are always expensive, but damn, I'm really out of the loop I guess)
  11. Nicodemous52

    IF you have a Uplay account then read me...

    Good morning, I come bearing gifts. Just an fyi, if you have your heart set on any Ubi titles, they have a pretty big sale going on to celebrate the Ubisoft Forward. and for short window of time you can get an extra 20% with the code UBIFORWARD. I'm talking like Far Cry 5 is $9 USD FC4 is $6...
  12. Nicodemous52

    No, it's not just you, NOBODY can get into Ubisoft

    Even if you were logged in before it started, you got kicked out. I'm not sure if it's nefarious or incompetence. I'd lean toward incompetence, except I was logged in form the moment the preshow went live, and I got kicked out, and I'm not the only one.
  13. Nicodemous52

    GKIDS Acquires Studio Ghibli’s first fully 3D movie.

    I mean, it looks good on a technical level, and it's an interesting premise for a story. But, something about it lacks that Ghibli magic, at least on the surface. Guess we'll have to wait for the movie to see if it does in fact lack that special quality that makes Ghibli, Ghibli. If something is...
  14. Nicodemous52

    Devolverland Expo available on Steam for free

    If you haven't hopped on Steam in the past couple of days you may have missed that there is a new free offering to pick up right now. The Devolverland Expo has put out a virtual version of the expo as a "playable" content on Steam. With the game description reading as a "first person marketing...
  15. Nicodemous52

    Inverting on the Y axis, why people do it...

    I'm calling BS on this article... I started gaming on the Atari 2600 when I was like 3 or 4, basically when I was old enough to hold a joystick and understand how to use it. Even back then, it bugged the hell out of me if pressing down made me go up and vice versa...
  16. Nicodemous52

    Dua Lipa drops a new video for, Hallucinate...

    Out side of gaming and politics and philosophy another thing I'm passionate about is animation (art in general, but animation in particular). Which is what lead me to this. Never heard of Dua Lipa. The music is kind of, meh. It's not terrible, it's not great, it's ok. I don't hate it. But, the...
  17. Nicodemous52

    This almost makes me miss the old Nintendo...

    No, not the Nintendo that had a seal of quality like Rich brings up. But I remember when Nintendo thought the US market could not handle blood or seeing crosses or cleavage... But apparently today's Nintendo almost let a literal masturbation simulator slip through the cracks. The last console I...
  18. Nicodemous52

    Remember the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn comic book? Here is more info, and some actual panels.

    News I've had an on again/ off again relationship with comics. This does show some promise. I do dig the art on display. Its on the cartoony side of comic art without being too "kidish". Comic...
  19. Nicodemous52

    Have you heard of, CORE?

    I can't tell you much about it myself, because I've only just heard of it... I'm not even fully sure what it is. It seems to be a platform, but it also seems to be game engine. Or at least a platform that has development tools it makes available for use. I'm not sure but it looks like it's...
  20. Nicodemous52

    AMD and Ubisoft team up for another give away...

    This is actually how I got my copy of Far Cry 5. My old PC had died, and then I got an Asus that came defective form a seller on NewEgg. I told them I wanted a replacement, but they gave me a refund instead. So I bought my current gaming PC, that happened to have a AMD Radeon Rx 580 in it. Which...