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  1. fmplays

    Standard: Live out your wildest papal dreams in Pope Simulator

    Im dying 😂 never knew pope simulator exists will try it for sure!
  2. fmplays

    COVID-19 can be spread by building ventilation, say Canadian researchers working on an HVAC fix

    Not sure if i believe this everyone says something else just stay inside!
  3. fmplays

    No one lives under the lighthouse now available on Steam

    The graphics! looks so old o_O
  4. fmplays

    PlayStation Plus Games May 2020 Leaked

    I hope some good games!
  5. fmplays

    What is the first game you remember playing?

    Awesome! never seen that game
  6. fmplays

    What is the first game you remember playing?

    Haha my first fifa game was fifa 12
  7. fmplays

    PS5, Xbox Series X: Big News Coming Next Week

    I was as well never liked Playstation until i had one :)
  8. fmplays

    Get 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership cheaper at

    This site is very cheap! I recommend using it if you want cheaper games
  9. fmplays

    Similar games like World of Tanks

    I think war thunder is the most similar
  10. fmplays

    War Thunder - Play as a tank, warship, warplane or a helicopter

    I really want to try this game but is it difficult to play this game?
  11. fmplays

    Digital Combat Simulator World free to play for one month

    This game looks so good!! I have to try it
  12. fmplays

    Promote your video game streaming channel & videos here

    I love the thumbnail! good work mate
  13. fmplays

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    Welcome hazy1975
  14. fmplays

    Key Game Releases May 2020

    Some great games!
  15. fmplays

    Epic Games Store May 2020 free games

    Yea i like it as well!
  16. fmplays

    I am looking for some management games. Any ideas?

    Hey everyone! I am looking for some management games cant find any i really like It must be something like Football Manager or tycoon, simulator Any ideas? let me know
  17. fmplays

    Rise of Nowlin - RPG Android Game

    What kind of game is this? i am looking for a fun game on my phone
  18. fmplays

    Mario Kart games ranked from worst to best

    Oh i played Super Mario Kart so much it was a great game