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  1. MicroNort

    Final curtain for the cinema?

    With many cinemas being unable to open due to Covid-19, those that can open only allowing/attracting fewer customers, cinema chains racking up debt and studios now moving to streaming, has the cinema had its day? When I was much younger, cinema certainly had a place - the only way you could see...
  2. MicroNort

    F1 2018 currently free on Humble store

    'nuff said. Also, any chance of adding a "PC" prefix?
  3. MicroNort

    Graphics card decisions

    Not going to spend too much time on the history of my desktop, but I've ended up with a Xeon CPU and until very recently, was limited to a GPU that could only be powered by the motherboard (meaning I have a GTX 1650). Moving on, I'm now in a position to upgrade my GPU to one that can have...
  4. MicroNort

    Am I the only one who no longer buys games on release?

    I can't actually remember the last time I bought a game on release, probably when I bought the PS4 and Killzone. I'm now quite happy to buy games months after release. I'd like to get to a point where I buy games at the point I'm ready to play them, but I've not got there yet (have a small...
  5. MicroNort

    Should smoking be banned in queues?

    Thanks to Covid-19 we have to do a lot more queueing. Although smoking is banned in shops (UK) and I thought public places, seems that smokers can do as they wish in queues, which I think is unreasonable for non-smokers. Thoughts?
  6. MicroNort

    Last game you finished and your rating

    To get things started.... Zombie Driver HD (PC) - fun 2D driver/shoot-em-up/run 'em over - 6 Got this for free, looks pretty good and fun in short bursts. Would get repetitive I'd you tried to complete in one session. Man Of Medan (PS4) - 6 Not quite as enjoyable as Until Dawn, but very few...