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  1. 22_22

    Student blows his university savings on video game

    News A lot of young people especially love to spend money on gaming. Many of them purchase player-packs in FIFA in hopes of finding that illustrious Ronaldo or Messi card. The one card that could transcend their fortunes and allow them to build a...
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    Rare version of Super Mario classic becomes highest selling game!

    News An anonymous bidder purchased a rare version of 1985 classic Super Mario Bros at an auction for a whopping $114,000 (£90,000). Part of the reason why it was popular and expensive for bidders was that it remained in its original packaging, of which has...
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    'Girl gamers' are on the rise!?

    News According to the BBC, the number of women playing video games is on the rise. They specifically identify this in Asian female gamers, who are growing at a faster rate than their male counterparts. What do you think about this? What do you think the...
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    Are you able to control your anger and frustration while gaming?

    Gaming can be a very enjoyable experience but also very stressful and annoying at the same time. I used to get so angry playing FIFA that I had to play some relaxing music to calm me down, as it was so unhealthy shouting and getting angry all the time. I am quite a relaxed person nowadays but I...
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    What's the most you've spent on a gaming console?

    With the release of the PS5 later this year that potentially costs fans around £450, it is possibly the most expensive console a lot of gamers will have bought. So what is the most expensive you have ever bought? How did it make you feel? Can you get similar feelings from a cheaper or used...
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    What are your favourite mobile games?

    I love gaming on my phone as it is portable and I always have it with me, so I do not have to think about carrying another device. I can also play a range of different games without the need of carrying the games too. What I don't like though is the small screen which makes some games difficult...