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  1. Barida

    What are your favourite mobile games?

    I love playing angry birds in the past but since my fiance asked that if she gets me a paulareis sailor watch from Paulareis Watches Official Site - Best Automatic Watches Under $100, will I stop playing it and play some other games with her, I have no choice than to accept. We play COD now and...
  2. Barida

    Sony to announce they are skipping E3 later today

    To me, I don't see it as a big deal as Nintendo will do pretty okay at the event. What do you envisage the event will look like as Sony won't come?
  3. Barida

    Would you spend $30,000 or more on a gaming chair?

    I was checking out how much some of these gaming chairs can cost. See image below. To me, I feel that the amount is kind of expensive and not something anyone will feel cool trying to buy unless you are super rich. I noticed that the Predator Thronos used to cost $30,000, but now close to...
  4. Barida

    Japanese WWE star starts a YouTube gaming channel

    Queen Asuka, the popular Japanese Wrestling Super Star has started a YouTube gaming channel where she will be showing how to play some of the popular games that we have out there. You can check her out I think most of the series will be done in her native language as well. Do you think...
  5. Barida

    eDominations - Free Online Multiplayer Strategy

    Sounds a nice game to me. What I have always liked about some of the games like this is when the developers are working tirelessly to ensure that the bring updates to the game. I will let some of my gaming friends over here know about the game and wish all of us can start the game and see how...
  6. Barida

    Microsoft games coming to Epic Games but not as exclusives

    In a bid to ensure that everything is working fine in the gaming community, Xbox Aaron Greenberg said that they understand that some gamers may want to see some of their games on Epic Games Store, they are also more concerned about having a platform where the gamers are put into considerations...
  7. Barida

    Have you ever thought about being a game developer?

    That is true as it is not easy to keep up with the pressure that come up with it at the end of the day. Developing games are always a difficult lane to follow.
  8. Barida

    Nintendo to attend PAX WEST On August 30 till 2nd of September, the video game convention known as PAX WEST will start. This is a convention that major devs and publish will be attending and Nintendo will definitely...
  9. Barida

    Konami makes trademark application for Silent Hill

    That's true as it is going to give them access to keep making the game better. I don't really think about what many will say about the move as Konami did what is better for the company.
  10. Barida

    Is Fortnite Season X the worst yet?

    It is always normal for reactions to come up after the release of some games especially when they are long awaited and Fortnite Season X is no different to that. What I expect is for the devs to find a solution to the complains of the gaming community as soon as they could.
  11. Barida

    Have you ever thought about being a game developer?

    It is going to be a difficult task for me to become a developer as I am more of a a gamer that wants to test out games done by others. Also, when I put into context my work, then it is something that I won't really consider.
  12. Barida

    Blair Witch heads to Xbox One, Windows PC on August 30

    The above video is a trailer of Blair Witch released by publisher Lionsgate Games and developer Bloober Team. You get to see the inner sides of the game from gameplay, flashbacks, and many more. I understand that many gamers, like I, are already excited about the game coming out. What of you?
  13. Barida

    Microsoft has no plans to release further exclusives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

    In a recent development during the week, Microsoft revealed the plans not to release further exclusives on Nintendo Switch and Sony PS4. The plan is for them to focus more on their platforms and make nice improvements. You can read more of it on...
  14. Barida

    Recommend a good gaming chair

    Getting a new chair depends on if the one that your friend gave you is not working the way that you want or you don't get the comfort deserved. This is one of the reasons you should think of getting a new chair instead. To me, if it is serving you better, then you have to make do with what you...
  15. Barida

    Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Level Cap revealed

    Most times, I don't rely more on rumors as I keep the patience and wait for the official announcement. Having the cap at 980 will seem a bit better than 960, while 1000 will be the better level limit. I'm earnestly waiting for the official announcement on that.
  16. Barida

    Do you think the Nintendo Switch requires further improvements?

    From what I have noticed with Nintendo Switch, it is a device that is meant to serve the wishes of majority of their fanbase. This is the reason I am working on having one for myself since the company is more of pushing to keep the gamers happy with lots of improvements. On how much it is going...
  17. Barida

    Sony has acquired Insomniac Games

    With a tweet on their Playstation official tweeter handler, Sony announced that the Insomniac Studios will be joining them. Do you see this as a great move?
  18. Barida

    Do you like games with dark atmospheres?

    For me, what matters is being able to enjoy the games that I play. That is the reason I don't always feel that good when some gamers try to say these dark sides are not pretty cool. It depends on preference, but I always focus on having the fun that really matters to me.
  19. Barida

    Konami makes trademark application for Silent Hill

    In its latest moves to keep up with the fan base, Konami has made the move to fill a trademark application for Silent Hill with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office which is as well unrelated to Pachislot and Pachinko machines...
  20. Barida

    Promote your video game research and survey's here.

    To me, one of the strong reasons gamers don't play all the games that they get is as a result of the fact that new exciting games keep coming up each week. In a situation where you have less time to achieve a whole lot of other things, I doubt you would want to test out all the games out there.