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  1. Alexander.

    Do you wear a face covering?

    Who wears a face covering? Are you wearing the mask out of choice or has your government made this mandatory for the time being? England has made them compulsory for public transport and from Friday 24/07/2020, they will be required in supermarkets too. I'm exempt on medical grounds.
  2. Alexander.

    Do you drink coffee?

    I have spent all of my teenage years drinking coffee. This isn't going to stop anytime soon. I drink at least two a day, one in the morning and the other halfway through the day to keep me going. My favourite is a Cappuccino with extra milk, one brown sugar, and vanilla flavouring (if...
  3. Alexander.

    Do you game in the night or day?

    Most of us at JoyFreak play and participate in gaming one way or another, whether that's PC, mobile, or console gaming. Do you prefer playing during Night Time or throughout the Day Time, and why? Did any commitments such as work and chores influence your decision in anyway?
  4. Alexander.

    Should you turn off your computer after use?

    Should you leave your Computer running most of the time? Do you think it's better to shutdown a PC after use? Are there any scenarios that it would be okay to leave a computer running? Generally, I try to always shut down my Laptop when my gaming session has ended for two main reasons. My...
  5. Alexander.

    Steam or Epic Games Store?

    Choosing between Steam and the Epic Games Store which do you prefer? Which game shop do you use the most? What are your reasons as to why? Epic Store is my preference and favourite. It's much easier to navigate my way around and the user interface is excellent. It looks cleaner and I can find...
  6. Alexander.

    What's the future for video games?

    Video games are evolving at an incredible rate, what do you think will be the future of gaming? Explain the reason why.
  7. Alexander.

    Have you ever had problems with your wrist/hand as a result of gaming?

    Sometimes I get RSI as a result of playing computer games, known as repetitive strain injury. I wondered if anybody here had health problems like this and if so, what are you doing for them? I usually take a break for a little bit.
  8. Alexander.

    Have you ever tried playing video games in school or at work?

    If you are a learner or a employee, be truthful. Have you ever happened to bypass the Internet censorship to connect to unblocked games during work or school? Please inform us here at JoyFreak. Did you ever get caught? What was the consequence?
  9. Alexander.

    What's your favorite game to mod?

    Do you like to play video games for the primary purpose of modding? Why not, or why? If so, which video games are your favorite to modify?
  10. Alexander.

    How do you decide on what game to play next?

    How do you assess whether your going to download a mobile game? As for me, before installing a game, I love seeing trailers. I read the reviews often to judge a game too.
  11. Alexander.

    Anyone play pen and paper games?

    How do you think about pen and paper amusements? What kind of games have you played before? Are you still playing them? What would be your most favored and why?
  12. Alexander.

    Who here games on a Raspberry Pi?

    Who games on a Raspberry Pi? What computer games do you play on this retro platform? I have formally owned a one although I broke the microSD card inside the slot by accident a few years back and never got around to replacing it.
  13. Alexander.

    What's the hardest video game you've played?

    So what's the most difficult single title you've ever played? What was it called? Have you been able to play and overcome the obstacles in the video game?
  14. Alexander.

    What's the next game on your purchase list?

    What's the next game on your purchase list? Are you planning to wait until the price has decreased or buy it straight away? How much do you usually spend in a year on video gaming?
  15. Alexander.

    What videos games were 'too fast' paced?

    What were some computer games you really thoroughly enjoyed, but that were too fast? What's the name of the title? Was there any challenge whatsoever?
  16. Alexander.

    What would you do if you become caught up in a game entirely?

    What would you do if you become caught up in a game entirely? Do you start taking a couple months (or weeks) for a break? Hang until you've overcome the barrier? Searching for worded techniques? Watch the videos? Ask your friends how they've been beating it? Reduce the mode of difficulty?
  17. Alexander.

    What video game have you been playing the longest?

    Name a title you've played for the longest amount of time in your collection more or less gradually? What's so special about the game? When did you start playing it?
  18. Alexander.

    Do you place your PC tower vertically or horizontally?

    Do you place your console tower vertically or horizontally? Because? Diagonal for me. By putting the game system down on Level surface can decrease the risk of accidental breakage, like knocking it over.
  19. Alexander.

    What are the most boring gaming tasks/quests you've endured?

    Are there any kinds of dull / repetitive / tasks in video games that you particularly enjoy, despite the fact that most gamers probably consider them "boring?" If so, why? I'm interested to know what you think.
  20. Alexander.

    What's your favourite puzzle games?

    What are the best puzzle games on any device that you can strongly recommend for me to play? Tell me some of your favorites and why? They can be board games too!