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  1. LunarScorpio

    Playing horror games in the dark

    There seem to be quite a few people here who play horror video games. So I'm wondering, do any of you play horror games in the dark? If you don't, why not? Do you feel like playing horror games in the dark make it scarier or does it not effect you? Let's discuss!
  2. LunarScorpio

    Does anyone enjoy role-playing?

    If you happen to know me, or even if you just read my intro post, you know that I enjoy roleplaying. Does anyone else here enjoy roleplaying? There are a lot of avenues in which you can participate in RPing, which do you prefer on a forum, Discord, Reddit, Tumbler, or through e-mail and what got...
  3. LunarScorpio

    How do you feel about films and TV shows based on video games?

    Television and movies have been the influence of many different games. What are your thoughts on games that are based off of television or movies? Do you feel like they do justice to their counterparts?
  4. LunarScorpio

    Do you eat your vegetables?

    How do you feel when it comes to eating vegetables? Usually as children, we have tendency to be picky about it. But what about as you've grown up? Have you started eating them more? How do you like to have them cooked?
  5. LunarScorpio

    Do you care about limited edition consoles?

    It seems like with each major game that is released, it gets turned into a special edition console. Are you someone who buys a special edition console that goes along with your favorite games? What about if you already have the console, do you buy another one depending on the special edition?
  6. LunarScorpio

    What is your favorite inspirational movie?

    When you're feeling down or having a rough go of it, but you know you need to get motivated, what movie is it that you go to? What is your favorite inspirational movie? What's the one movie that, no matter what, will bring up your spirits and get you motivated? What about it inspires you and...
  7. LunarScorpio

    What do you do to relax?

    Let's face it, life is STRESSFUL. Especially right now with everything that's going on in our world. So, what do you do to unwind and relax? Relaxing is an important thing to do now and then to help stop the increase of mental health issues, keep you from burning out and the like. So, what is it...
  8. LunarScorpio

    What's your favorite Mario Bros. series?

    Mario has been around since 1981, first appearing in the arcade version of Donkey Kong. His brother Luigi was later introduce in 1983 and since then, the dynamic duo have bee a part of our homes and part of some of our favorite games. Not only that, but they have also had a movies and a couple...
  9. LunarScorpio

    Let's talk vacation...

    With summer coming up, I find myself thinking about vacations. Both of the future and of the past. What types of vacations do you all enjoy? Would you rather go somewhere that's cold or maybe tropical? Are there there any places you like to visit more than others? What has been your most...
  10. LunarScorpio

    Are you into photography?

    Photography, in my opinion, is an amazing hobby and career to have. It allows you to be artistic and see things from different angles that you may not notice from just looking around on an everyday basis. Not to mention, it's something that slows you down so that you can take in the scenes. Is...