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  1. LunarScorpio

    Does anyone enjoy role-playing?

    Haha, not quite. What I'm specifically referring to is text play-by-post roleplaying, which often takes place on a forum or something similar. Two or more people create a story by taking control of characters that they create. Each player is responsible for their own character and the NPCs of...
  2. LunarScorpio

    Harry Potter game developers troubled by JK Rowling's transphobia

    She has said SEVERAL things about how Trans individuals aren't the gender they identify as. Specifically, she has been saying how Trans women aren't women, which is absurd. Honestly, I can't believe she's still going on all of this and continues to dig herself a deeper hole. A good chunk of...
  3. LunarScorpio

    Playing horror games in the dark

    There seem to be quite a few people here who play horror video games. So I'm wondering, do any of you play horror games in the dark? If you don't, why not? Do you feel like playing horror games in the dark make it scarier or does it not effect you? Let's discuss!
  4. LunarScorpio

    Have you ever cried playing a game?

    I don't think there has been a recent game I've played that has made me cry. There was one that I played a couple of years back that made me cry. It was called To the Moon and it was such a good game and got you right in the feels. It's on Steam if anyone wants to check it out.
  5. LunarScorpio

    Does anyone enjoy role-playing?

    If you happen to know me, or even if you just read my intro post, you know that I enjoy roleplaying. Does anyone else here enjoy roleplaying? There are a lot of avenues in which you can participate in RPing, which do you prefer on a forum, Discord, Reddit, Tumbler, or through e-mail and what got...
  6. LunarScorpio

    What is/was your favorite class in school?

    A unicorn and a dragon, haha. It was actually a story I wrote when I was a kid and then revamped it for my class. It had gotten an award actually, when I first submitted it to a contest that was going on. I forget how old I was when I originally wrote it...
  7. LunarScorpio

    What apps drains mobile battery most?

    Probably Chrome because I'm on that the most, haha. Other than that, if I play any mobile games those have tendency to suck up a lot of battery. It's usually between those two though.
  8. LunarScorpio

    Am I the only one who no longer buys games on release?

    I don't generally buy games on release now a days, unless it's one that I've been waiting for and hoping it would even be made. The last game I bought at release was Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but I don't foresee buying any others on release. At least none that are coming out soon.
  9. LunarScorpio

    What is/was your favorite class in school?

    We wrote a lot of different things. I remember we had to write a monologue, a children's book and a few other things. It was a really great class overall and helped me to get my creativity out.
  10. LunarScorpio

    Have your gaming skills proven useful in your career?

    A specific game? Not so much, but gaming in general had helped in my career. I work with a lot of adolescents and because of this, gaming has helped to make them feel more comfortable because they see that as being on their level. They're generally shocked when they talk about a game and I tell...
  11. LunarScorpio

    What app do you use the most?

    As far as on the PC, I generally use Chrome. Interestingly, it's probably the same when it comes to my phone too. The runner up being my electronic health records app and then Facebook. Or maybe Facebook messenger; though, Discord is becoming a contender.
  12. LunarScorpio

    What's the weather like?

    Recently it's been really hot and humid, which has not been fun. Today it seems to be cloudy and is still somewhat cool out. Apparently, it's supposed to rain at some point today too, which will hopefully give some relief from the heat. But we shall see. I'm sure it'll be hot again in not time.
  13. LunarScorpio

    What is/was your favorite class in school?

    I think my favorite class, well, in high school it was creative writing. I LOVED my teacher, she was amazing, and we had a lot of fun writing stories and that sort of thing. The runner-up was psychology because I'm passionate about psychology and counseling. My favorite course in undergrad was...
  14. LunarScorpio

    What kind of movies do you like?

    I pretty much like every type of movie in all honesty. Though, my favorite genre is probably horror, I watch A LOT of horror movies. Specifically, I've been watching a lot of found footage movies, some good some...well, I won't tell you my honest opinion about some of them. Let's just say...
  15. LunarScorpio

    What course(s) would you like to take?

    I've taken a lot of courses, usually dealing with psychology and counseling, but there are always new ones coming along I'm excited to take. But outside of that realm, I'd be interested in taking some cooking/baking classes. I love doing both, but could be better at them, I"m sure. I'd also be...
  16. LunarScorpio

    What social media applications do you use?

    Generally, I just use Facebook, but I've been getting back into Instagram and started with Discord recently. I like Discord because it reminds me of the chatroom days when that was a big thing. Plus, it's nice to have it connected to my forum as a secondary place for us to talk especially if...
  17. LunarScorpio

    Do you play games while charging your phone?

    Generally I don't charge my phone while I'm playing a game on it. The games I play don't seem to take up too much battery, so it's not generally an issue. The only time I'll charge it while I'm playing is if it's almost done, but, like I said, that's not generally the case.
  18. LunarScorpio

    What's the most you've spent on a gaming console?

    I want to say the most I spent was around $500-$600 and I actually think it was on the PS4, maybe PS3. But it was a special edition Metal Gear Solid one, so I think it was a little more expensive. I'll probably end up getting the PS5 at some point, maybe not right away, but Playstation has a...
  19. LunarScorpio

    Does anyone play browser games?

    I used to play browser games, more so when I was younger--especially because I didn't really have consoles that were mine at the time. I think I had maybe one or two, while my brother had more and wouldn't necessarily let me play them, haha. Either way, as an alternative, I would play browser...
  20. LunarScorpio

    Are you able to control your anger and frustration while gaming?

    I've definitely gotten angry and/or frustrated while playing again--especially if I was struggling to be a boss or a level. I'm not one who gets to the point of throwing the controller or anything like that though. Even when I was younger, I had enough control not to do that. Sure, I curse and...