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  1. FreeckyCake

    Obscure Naughty Dog Games

    When people talk about well-known developers like Naughty Dog, they tend to summon their critically acclaimed video games. However, I always enjoy digging into these companies past. Specifically, their starting point. There's no denying that Naughty Dog took a very long way to become what it is...
  2. FreeckyCake

    What Inspired: The Yakuza Series

    Hello everyone! Are you interested in discovering what inspired a certain game? I have made multiple articles on what inspired certain games. Some of them are Jak and Daxter, The Last of Us, and the God of War trilogy. And today I did one about the Yakuza series. However, I'd like to know...
  3. FreeckyCake

    Intellivision Amico released a new gameplay trailer, web and mobile games slipped in

    It's funny, every time Intellivision releases a new video it's 1 step forward and 2 steps back. The latest gameplay trailer from Intellivision features games we have never been shown by Intellivision before but, sadly, they have been seen before. How is that possible you ask, because the showed...
  4. FreeckyCake

    What games do you think should be backward compatible with Xbox Series X?

    Hello, I am new to forums! I have made a small list where I mentioned some Xbox 360 games that I personally think should be backwards compatible with the new Microsoft console But, I would like to hear your...