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  1. Alexander.

    Do you wear a face covering?

    Who wears a face covering? Are you wearing the mask out of choice or has your government made this mandatory for the time being? England has made them compulsory for public transport and from Friday 24/07/2020, they will be required in supermarkets too. I'm exempt on medical grounds.
  2. Alexander.

    Do you drink coffee?

    I have spent all of my teenage years drinking coffee. This isn't going to stop anytime soon. I drink at least two a day, one in the morning and the other halfway through the day to keep me going. My favourite is a Cappuccino with extra milk, one brown sugar, and vanilla flavouring (if...
  3. Alexander.

    Promote your video game streaming channel & videos here

    I'm already subscribed and received this through my notification settings on YouTube. A lovely upload, keep up the good work! Your well on your way to your first 100 subscribers! As I watch every single video you two upload, I'm always full of excitement for your next video. Liked this one too.
  4. Alexander.

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Collaboration Event Starts Today in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

    I think that the company anticipated to provide an occasion like this. Not quite certain what occurred throughout the lockdown, but I guess the event ran extremely excellently. I assume they have plenty positive to be doing in the collaboration during the future.
  5. Alexander.

    PS5 is almost twice as thick as PS4 Pro

    Perhaps this is looking to be true, perhaps not. We really are going to have to watch and see. I truthfully do not even think it's going to be "twice as thick." This may visually look unappealing, and it would be far too large for most of the gaming community. I'm positive Playstation has worked...
  6. Alexander.

    Is SSD in PS5/Xbox Series X a game changer?

    Solid State Drives are bound to be an incredible revolution. Taking into consideration that Microsoft has been utilising hard drives for over 10 years now, it would be fascinating to explore the fantastic capabilities of an SSD. We'll have to wait and see.
  7. Alexander.

    Bloodborne might be coming to PC

    Certain speculations and leakage may be true, there are insiders who may have communication with social media influencers on the outside who are leaking this information! I truly wish it is indeed entirely accurate, I enjoy playing on the PC, and having this edition on my Laptop, would be wonderful!
  8. Alexander.

    PS5 is 100 times faster than the older PS4, Says Sony

    Speed forever will be essential for Gamers. Nice to learn that Sony have improved the PlayStation 5. It just felt like the PS4 was too sluggish, so I'm interested to find out how the PS5 has changed! Given that Sony have been in development for so long, I am expecting some superb enhancements.
  9. Alexander.

    A new Last of Us Part 2 trailer drops today

    Found this on YouTube. IGN on YouTube were speaking about the teaser video, showing some game experience and story lines. The planned release date is 19 June 2020, I can't wait - I'm buzzing for the launch.
  10. Alexander.

    FIFA 21: EA confirms release plans, despite pandemic uncertainty

    EA doesn't seem to be working anything meaningful on their new games. The year before 2020, they seem to be only rewriting old code from previous game releases, and introducing fresh character concepts at best. As such there isn't much development on their end of the spectrum that I've realised.
  11. Alexander.

    Nintendo lawsuit | Will all Flash card sites be blocked?

    I can't believe what I'm hearing right now. Of course, Nintendo has always been speedy to find a way to stop all of this from occuring. We know for sure they're strict in terms of copyright, just look at the likes of YouTube, for example.
  12. Alexander.

    What's your favorite Mario Bros. series?

    My dream Mario title is still a Super Mario 64 version. Once Mario 64 was launched, and then with those graphics, I didn't think there could be something greater. The whole 3d Digital world and independence to walk around was one of my most favourite aspects of the title. It was a game that I...
  13. Alexander.

    Steam or Epic Games Store?

    What video games do you all have through Epic Games? How much would you say that you've spent on titles through Epic? Right now, I only have two purchases, one of which is installed. I was hoping to install both however my Laptop doesn't have enough hard drive memory. GTA 5 and Fortnite, with...
  14. Alexander.

    Does anyone still play Tetris?

    Haven't heard the "Tetris" name for a long time, memories came back from the olden days. To be frank, I don't play retro games anymore as often as I did. The last time I played a game like Pacman or Tetris, I can't even recall. I could attempt to discover a decent Tetris app to play on my mobile...
  15. Alexander.

    What horror games genuinely scared you?

    With myself, it can only be Resident Evil: they had a few frightful scenes in Apocalypse 2 and in The Last of Us. Unforeseen moments that cause you to spring definitely caused me to be scared. The clickers were always the individuals that were overwhelmingly horrifying when you attempted to...
  16. Alexander.

    How do professional eSports gamers make money?

    With CS: GO pro players, for instance. Individuals who stream and get cash from donations, memberships, bits, and so forth. Content creators also upload their videos on the internet, where they're getting paid ad revenue from Adsense. They have companies sponsoring them at the tournaments and...
  17. Alexander.

    PS5's June 4 event has been postponed

    Heartbroken that we're going to be waiting longer to find out more about the PS5, however with the Global Pandemic going on across the world, I feel this is for the betterment of the people. Waiting longer means I will just build up more and more excitement! I can't wait for the release.
  18. Alexander.

    Does anyone play browser games?

    Both of the browser games you mentioned are the two that I play aswell! Years have passed and I still pass time with and, they're two of my most favourite ones to play. I really enjoy playing these video games because you constantly have a goal to achieve. It's frustrating...
  19. Alexander.

    How much have you spent on video games so far?

    As a result of the economic situation globally, I have not really spent that much money on computer gaming. To be honest, it's been a long time since I really spent anything on Gaming. Usually, I will pay around £100 - £200 on games in one year, at most. My technique for achieving my budget is...
  20. Alexander.

    What was your first gaming console?

    Nintendo released a Wii in 2006 and this was my first ever gaming console. On my Wii, some of my video games included, Wii Fit, Skylanders, and Mario kart. Mario Kart has to be my absolute favourite out of my whole collection. Playing on this platform brings back so many good memories.