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  1. AzH

    Do you have a blog?

    I'd like to see what other people are blogging about and comment if it's something of interest to me. Who else has a blog other than me?
  2. AzH

    Civilization VI free on Steam this weekend

    Over on Steam, Civilization VI is free this weekend with a whopping 75% off the base game and a major discount on the complete Platinum Edition.
  3. AzH

    Kanye West is running for Prez2020 and I've never laughed louder

    A gimmick or something he could really pull off? When Trump announced he was running he was laughed at but it seems nothing is too bizarre for US politics. Does he stand a chance?
  4. AzH

    The rise of the right.

    Trump in power. White supremacists emboldened. Black Lives Matter. Tory majority. EDL. Brexit. Right wing politics is becoming prominent and acceptable in our societies. Does this worry you? Should we be concerned by the current politic climate? What do you think?
  5. AzH

    Frostpunk is 60% off on Steam

    Picked this up on the Steam sale. Had my eye on it for a while now but wanted to wait for a discount. Wish I hadn't waited! One of the most engaging, personal, desolate games I've played. If you've never heard of Frostpunk, it's a city builder with a difference. Set after the end of the world...
  6. AzH

    The most official Joyfreak Steam friendship train.

    Are you on Steam? Post a link to your Steam profile to allow other gamers to find you and friend request you. I’m at Steam Community :: Devious Tyrant