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  1. Trashpanda

    Do you like to play horror games before Halloween?

    Well, I can report that Clock Tower 3 sucks. Just started Project zero, it's going alright so far
  2. Trashpanda

    Do you wear a face covering?

    Why would I, my country has been Covid-free for months now : p
  3. Trashpanda

    Do you like to play horror games before Halloween?

    Just getting ready for a month of spooky videogames! Going with the PS2, obviously, as it has the best Horror Game library out there. I have queued up; Project Zero (Fatal Frame) Clock Tower 3 Haunting Ground Not sure which one to start with this weekend (I haven't played any of these yet) so...
  4. Trashpanda

    Which operating system do you use the most?

    I'm on Windows, mainly because I can't be bothered switching. It really has gone downhill over the last few years with the windows 8/10 tag-team shit-combo, but I'm too busy with real life stuff to make time to switch over.
  5. Trashpanda

    THPS 1 + 2 requires online activation?

    Marked as rumor for now, but a few sites are reporting that the remaster of THPS 1 + 2 may require some form of online activation in order to play, which would leave discs as little more than coasters once the servers are eventually shut off. Assuming this is true, is this likely to affect your...
  6. Trashpanda

    What's the weather like?

    Grey-but-dry, which I guess is an improvement for the week :/
  7. Trashpanda

    Are you an online or store shopper?

    I love physical shops, but pretty much all the ones near me closed some time ago, so I'm online by default. I do like tracking down obscure stuff on ebay tho, so online isn't all bad
  8. Trashpanda

    What game are you playing right now?

    Same here. Hadn't played skyrim in maybe 8 years,cause I prefered Oblivion, but, giving it another go, it's gotten its hooks in me once again
  9. Trashpanda

    What are you saving up for?

    So, what is everyone currently saving towards? Given this is a gaming forum, I'm expecting a lot of PS5/XOSX responses, but it could just as easily be a car, kitchen referb, or anything really? My phone needs replacing soon, so that's going to be my next "big purchase" Haven't decided which...
  10. Trashpanda

    What made you realize you're an adult?

    Probably the day after my wedding, being able to introduce my partner to people as my wife, it felt like a watershed moment
  11. Trashpanda

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is now the top selling Resident Evil game to date!

    Remember after launch when Capcom shares dropped because it didn't reach investors' sky-high targets? Proof the money-men know nothing Resident Evil 7 UPDATE: Why chart-topping launch isn't all it's CRACKED up to be
  12. Trashpanda

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Free For PS+

    It looks like the gaming tie-in of Takeshi's Castle, which could be fun. Don't have PS+ at the moment, but that does look like an alright offer
  13. Trashpanda

    Industry insider Dusk Golem claims a new Silent Hill game will be announced soon...

    I really hope Konami selects a good studio and goes hands off for this, but somehow I really doubt they will
  14. Trashpanda

    What game are you playing right now?

    Just got my CRT set up all nice, so been running through Metal Gear Solid for what must be the twentyth time :)
  15. Trashpanda

    Nintendo “Gigaleak” suggests Pokemon MMO was in development

    I'm impressed Nintendo has kept such a treasure trove, there are so many games much younger than these that have had their source code lost to time. This is truly a preservationists dream come true!
  16. Trashpanda

    Do you drink coffee?

    Used to wake up with an energy drink each morning, and followed up with cola throughout the day. Cut down to just a "normal" amount of diet cola, and have even been trying to drink the caffine-free colas in the evening to sleep better
  17. Trashpanda

    Anyone else holding out for a "Switch Pro?"

    So mid 2020 has come and gone, and there's still no sign of the supposed "Switch Pro" as people are calling it. Without an official reveal, there's no telling what it offers, with rumored features ranging from larger screens, 4k output, larger storage, increased RAM, or improved docks. Me, I'm...
  18. Trashpanda

    What are you listening to?

    Been listening to Addict by Silva Hound ever since the music video popped up last week. Desperatly waiting for episode 2 of Hazbin Hotel, but I suppose this'll tide me over in the meantime.
  19. Trashpanda

    Sony's PS5 patent suggests cloud-based backwards compatibility

    You you get to stream a small number of selected titles, and pay a recurring fee for the privilege of doing so? Calling this Backward Compatibility is a joke, honestly I'd say this is worse than nothing :/
  20. Trashpanda

    Do you continue to play even after all objectives are complete?

    Nah. If the game is good enough, I'll just start it from the top/new game plus. I wouldn't count a pokemon game as "finished" if there's still gaps in the dex tho