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  1. Barida

    Would you spend $30,000 or more on a gaming chair?

    I was checking out how much some of these gaming chairs can cost. See image below. To me, I feel that the amount is kind of expensive and not something anyone will feel cool trying to buy unless you are super rich. I noticed that the Predator Thronos used to cost $30,000, but now close to...
  2. Barida

    Japanese WWE star starts a YouTube gaming channel

    Queen Asuka, the popular Japanese Wrestling Super Star has started a YouTube gaming channel where she will be showing how to play some of the popular games that we have out there. You can check her out I think most of the series will be done in her native language as well. Do you think...
  3. Barida

    Microsoft games coming to Epic Games but not as exclusives

    In a bid to ensure that everything is working fine in the gaming community, Xbox Aaron Greenberg said that they understand that some gamers may want to see some of their games on Epic Games Store, they are also more concerned about having a platform where the gamers are put into considerations...
  4. Barida

    Nintendo to attend PAX WEST On August 30 till 2nd of September, the video game convention known as PAX WEST will start. This is a convention that major devs and publish will be attending and Nintendo will definitely...
  5. Barida

    Blair Witch heads to Xbox One, Windows PC on August 30

    The above video is a trailer of Blair Witch released by publisher Lionsgate Games and developer Bloober Team. You get to see the inner sides of the game from gameplay, flashbacks, and many more. I understand that many gamers, like I, are already excited about the game coming out. What of you?
  6. Barida

    Microsoft has no plans to release further exclusives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

    In a recent development during the week, Microsoft revealed the plans not to release further exclusives on Nintendo Switch and Sony PS4. The plan is for them to focus more on their platforms and make nice improvements. You can read more of it on...
  7. Barida

    Sony has acquired Insomniac Games

    With a tweet on their Playstation official tweeter handler, Sony announced that the Insomniac Studios will be joining them. Do you see this as a great move?
  8. Barida

    Konami makes trademark application for Silent Hill

    In its latest moves to keep up with the fan base, Konami has made the move to fill a trademark application for Silent Hill with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office which is as well unrelated to Pachislot and Pachinko machines...
  9. Barida

    SNES emulators now support overlocking option

    For those that have been making use of emulators to play games, there is good news as Best SNES has announced that the emulator now has the overlocking option. With this new feature, you won't have complained of slowdown while you are gaming. There are other benefits of the new feature, but one...
  10. Barida

    Nintendo plans on introducing different Switch consoles into the gaming community

    There are plans by Nintendo to release different versions of the Switch console after the planned release of the Switch Lite that is going to cost up to $200. This plan to go further in making other versions isn't the end plan as the company also desire to bring up series of updates to existing...
  11. Barida

    Google Chrome restricts Flash support with latest browser update

    The latest addition to Google Chrome update is that gamers won't be able to connect to Flash gaming as they have restricted such connections. You can read more about it here
  12. Barida

    Mass shootings on the rise due to video games, says Kevin McCarthy

    Kevin McCarthy, the GOP house minority leader told Fox News that the act of constant shootings that occur in video games must have made the crime rate in the country to rise. He said that such video games are dehumanizing and inappropriate. Well, I strongly do not agree with him on that as...
  13. Barida

    Was Twitch right to pull down visuals of a streamer breastfeeding her baby?

    I believe that women should be mindful of things that they do in the public and that includes this act of breastfeeding a baby while streaming. She posted a visual on Twitch while feeding her baby and Twitch pulled it down. What do you think of her reaction?
  14. Barida

    EA Access now back on PS4

    So after a very long wait for EA Access to grace the PlayStation, I think it is here as it has been on Xbox for a long period of time. With this, you can be able to make decisions on whether to subscribe just for a month or other subscriptions plans. I'm excited because it gives one options for...
  15. Barida

    Reasons for using handheld gaming devices than gaming PC?

    So many times, I've had the challenge of my gaming PC not able to function for long when I game since the battery life doesn't last up to 2 hours. So, I decided to get Switch since it is going to last approximately up to 6 hours when I game. Are you making same decision because of battery life?
  16. Barida

    Leak hints at how Intel Xe graphics cards might compare to rivals

    There have a whole lot of discussions about how the Intel's GPU is going to look like. You can get to know much more by clicking on Leak hints at how Intel Xe graphics cards might compare to rivals Put to bed some assumptions that some gamers were making about it. Do you agree with what they said?
  17. Barida

    Nintendo will shift part of Switch console production out of China to Vietnam

    In a bid to diversify Switch console manufacturing sites to others countries, Nintendo is taking this move to ensure that they are not caught up in not spreading across the globe. Some reports are saying that this is one of the recent moves of companies relocating production as a result of...
  18. Barida

    Nintendo's Dr. Mario World mobile game released ahead of time

    Hello, lovers of Dr Mario! I bring to you the release of the game ahead of the July 10th planned announcement. You can head to your App Store and try out playing this nice game. Don't forget to drop your feedback here for others to learn one or two things.
  19. Barida

    Cuphead animated series heads to Netflix

    There was an announcement by Netflix that they are into partnership with King Features Syndicate and game developers Studio MDHR to air the The Cuphead show. A series inspired by classic animation styles of the 1930s. The executive producer of King Features Syndicate C. J. Kettler with a host...
  20. Barida

    How do you feel about games having two versions?

    So, talks have been about the Pokemon having the sword version and the shield version. Will you feel comfortable when other video games follow this kind of trend? Take for instance, when you are having to play different versions of God of War or any other of your favorites, will you like that?