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    Can you believe people would spend thousands of dollars to buy a game model?

    Someone here recently asked about a live Ciri from Witcher. You know for what kind of purposes. 3 or 4k bucks for this. People will buy anything honestly
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    Help decide which laptop to buy

    Hi everyone. So I was looking for a Clevo laptop since I know they are a quite good build for the money. Found these two brands and I can't decide which one to buy. The laptops basically have the same spec and price from my perspective but I am not a tech savvy. If that's not right please...
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    What are you listening to?

    Kate thought babooshka is a sexy word lmao
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    Tips To Get Better Chance At Winning In An Online Casino

    Did someone here actually make a profit playing online casino? I thought they are all scam
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    The Screenshot Gaming Community

    Classics. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
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    The JoyFreak Community Thread

    hey guys, how to find some interesting discussions here?
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    Ever get bored playing games?

    Recently I got really bored of everything so I think that's something bigger than just a boring game. I love playing older games I once enjoyed to relive these moments of joy but it doesn't turn out as good as I expected. I also have a problem starting a new game, dunno why.
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    Someone made The Witcher Ciri into real life

    unfortunately no, but it seems that you've ordered one. did you receive it already?
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    Where to buy Clevo laptops in EU

    Guys hi. Can you suggest where to buy Clevo laptops in EU? I'm looking specifically for new 12th gen intel cores but any site would do in case they will be available soon in the store.
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    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    Hi everyone. I'm playing single player RPG usually so will be glad to discuss some. Would be nice to know if there's something new on the market because I have so little time to play because of the work
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    How about this mouse pad

    this may be good for the wrist but depends on what kind of games you play the size may not be big enough
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    What is the best video game in 2022?

    waiting for the new episode of the Long Dark...hopefully
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    Which type of Mouse Pad is Best for Gaming?

    did someone encounter any problems with sweat on the mouse pad that ends up in speed drop for the mouse?
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    Someone made The Witcher Ciri into real life

    of course someone buy it, 3k is not that much to have Ciri in bed