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  1. alpha22

    Meta Warriors - P2E zombie killing metaverse game

    After the Zombie apocalypse happened in 2021, The world has turned into a war zone for human’s survival. Meanwhile Jack (Lead Character) and his partner Jennifer (Female Character) and Richard (Sidekick) go out on a hunt to take down the Alpha Zombie so they can end the after-effects of the...
  2. alpha22

    Will NFT gaming takeover the gaming space?

    Now in 2022, the NFT games industry was worth 106 billion dollars. In 2030 it will cross 270 Billion dollars. Is the present trend of the metaverse will help mobile games to achieve the 270 Billion dollar landmark? This clearly shows that NFT gaming will take most of the market share in the...
  3. alpha22

    Meta Warriors - P2E zombie killing metaverse game

    Jack, an ex-military warrior yet a guy with a soft heart, is one of his own kind. He’s a man of justice and was accused of betraying his country. So, we guess - he’s dead anyway
  4. alpha22

    Meta Warriors - P2E zombie killing metaverse game

    Hello guys currently i am exploring an Free to earn game " Meta Warriors " . I played the prototype and enjoyed a lot but i did not know that how to use Meta Warrior Token Play the Prototype
  5. alpha22

    Meta Warriors - P2E zombie killing metaverse game

    Zombie’s Land - the horrific land flooded with gruesome and bloodthirsty zombies - who, when given the chance, would love nothing more than to bust your brains. Over the course of the last two years, these zombies have evolved into horrific monsters, each with their own unique ability, making...
  6. alpha22

    Promote your video game streaming channel & videos here

    I am exploring potential nft gaming projects and I found "Meta Warriors". Meta Warriors is a 3d zombie theme-based play-to-earn game. I played their prototype and the result was amazing. Every single character is designed in a great way. My favorite is Jennifer and I was waiting impatiently for...
  7. alpha22

    What is the future for P2E games?

    I am exploring nft-based P2E games. My analysis is that P2E games will capture the market because of the rewards they give in the game. Basically, the rewards are NFT which is integrated with exchanges so you make a transaction there. So kindly share your point of view.
  8. alpha22

    Aotuverse | P2E gaming on Solana

    Well, the fanbase number is quite great its shows how many people are interested in that game.
  9. alpha22

    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    Hello fellow members my name is Syed Sheharyar. I am new here and i am quite interested in gaming .I hope i will contribute in this forum with true spirit