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    What is playing?

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    I'm Lee

    Hi @Lifespot ! Welcome on board! :D
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    Good evening

    Hi @xXInfectedXx ! Welcome to the community! :D
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    Hi @JennyorAlice ! Welcome aboard! :D
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    Hey all.

    Hi @Smokey ! Welcome back to the community! :D
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    Hello guys

    Hi @Camelion ! Welcome to the community! :D
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    Hi @Jamesholic ! Welcome to JoyFreak! :D
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    Hey im Rhyce

    Hi @Rhyce ! Welcome to the community! :D
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    Watch thread default

    Hi, yes Watch content on creation and interaction is on, with email. We feel this will encourage forum users to engage as much as possible and keep threads active. If you wish to turn email notifications off, you can edit your notification preferences here.
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    Mobile game recommendations?

    A few of my friends have recommended to play Old School RuneScape. I have tried it, it seems good but I need to get the hang of playing it on the mobile. There’s also Fortnite and MapleStory which I have only started playing and enjoying it so far.
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    what kind of movies do you like?

    I am also a fan of horror. Have you seen Bird Box on Netflix yet? It’s a post-apocalyptic thriller but has some scary parts too.
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    Your site looks quite appealing! I have signed up. (y)
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    Hi @Nerdface ! Welcome to JoyFreak! :D
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    Ok, I will check it out! (y)
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    Hi @Richard04 , Do you have any screenshots to present to us to perhaps excite us for the upcoming game?
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    Hi @Richard04 ! Nice to meet you too! :D
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    Hi, I,m a professional graphic designer

    Hi @Faisal Talukdar ! Good to have you back! Great work as always. (y)
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    so I just bought an Xbox One S!

    Yes, I too have always been a Sony user so cant really give you much feedback on that but feel free to let us know how you get on. (y)
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    What version is it? I have an Omen too.

    What version is it? I have an Omen too.
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    Of course you can. :)