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  1. Nerdface

    One Less Reason to Buy a SNES Classic

    Depends on exactly what you want, but for a very reasonable price point I'd suggest looking at either a Nintendo Wii for a home console, or a Sony PSP (original) as a portable.. They each have their quirks, but their overall experiences are more than adequate.
  2. Nerdface

    One Less Reason to Buy a SNES Classic

    I dare say the SNES Classic can be jailbroken to play more games, but then, there's other options out there if you wanted to do that.. :sneaky: I have neither, I use my hacked Wii as a retro games console..
  3. Nerdface


    I've signed up to Lifespot - I'm not a stickler for these kind of things, as long as we each roughly post a similar amount. I may not have much time to start posting until later this afternoon/evening.
  4. Nerdface

    Do you have a Switch?

    They were a generation behind, really. The Wii was primarily a standard definition console.. Other than the usual Mario and Zelda games, there weren't too many exclusives that kept me coming back for more either.
  5. Nerdface

    Do you have a Switch?

    The Wii was enough to put me off from buying any future Nintendo consoles.. It looks to have been well-founded with the Wii U, but those who do own a Switch seem to rate it quite highly. My friend is continually trying to persuade me to pick one up..
  6. Nerdface

    favorite band

    I loved Hybrid Theory and Meteora. The ones that followed were pretty average, although Living Things had some decent tracks on there.. (y)
  7. Nerdface

    In need of help with a forum Design

    I'd be inclined to disagree on that.. UI.X is a pretty common theme, making it harder for you to stand out from the crowd.
  8. Nerdface

    Guests viewing unknown page

    Something appears to be broken.. I've encountered similar before - my guess would be that the pages are fine, but there's some javascript interference somewhere.
  9. Nerdface

    I'm Lee

    Hi Lee, welcome to JoyFreak :) Out of interest, do you have a preference of one console over the other?
  10. Nerdface


    Yes, that can be arranged :coffee:
  11. Nerdface

    What is playing?

  12. Nerdface


    I got a nice pair of Dre Beats headphones that I asked for, a couple of smart shirts, about £60 PlayStation credit, and some other small bits.. :) I did pretty well I'd say! :giggle:
  13. Nerdface

    In need of help with a forum Design

    To be honest you'd probably be better off buying a premium skin, and customising it to your requirements.
  14. Nerdface

    Read Dead Redemption 2

    I didn't really play the first game much, so haven't bothered with the sequel. I hear they're great games, but these days I'm after something to pick-up-and-play which these don't really fit into.
  15. Nerdface

    How long have you been a gamer?

    The first console I owned was a Sega Master System II (closely followed by a NES - we got them the same Christmas). That'd have been around 1989 / 1990 I think. The first games I played were probably Sonic The Hedgehog, Ms. Pac-man and Alex Kidd in Miracle World. I've since owned the majority...
  16. Nerdface

    Time spent

    Work, family (child + wife), website, chores, gaming. I'm lucky if I get a few hours in at the weekend these days! It's usually in sacrifice of website development time.
  17. Nerdface

    what kind of movies do you like?

    Horror is probably my least favourite, although I quite enjoyed the first Saw (the ones after not so much). I don't think you can go far wrong with an Action Thriller / Crime.
  18. Nerdface

    Mobile game recommendations?

    Meh, I dabbled with RuneScape on the PC and didn't really think much of it - not really my kind of game, never played Warcraft. Fortnite on mobile? I thought it was just a console / PC game (again, never played it)?
  19. Nerdface

    The Last of Us Part 2 - Who else is excited for this??

    Back when the Xbox 360 first introduced the system, I used to play some awful games just for easy achievements.. :oops: I definitely try to stay clear from doing that now - my time is too precious to be spending it on games that I don't enjoy!
  20. Nerdface

    Watch thread default

    Already done, I just thought I'd suggest changing the default.. :) If anything I find it discourages me because of the amount of emails generated by it, but respect it may be a personal preference (because I'm getting old and grumpy!).