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  1. getting 120 hZ

    yes it is because im using now DVI dual link to Display port ,there is no DVI port in rtx 2060super
  2. getting 120 hZ

    the monitor just have Dual link Dvi and Hdmi its resolution 1920x1080 i had before gtx970 with dual link DVi and i had 120 HZ
  3. getting 120 hZ

    hello i have rtx 2060 super with hdmi and DP and i have viewsonic monitor which is support 120 HZ with dual link DVI can someone help to connect my monitor with the GPU to get this refresh rate or any advice to get good cable to get it i tried DP to DVI , Hdmi and i didnt get 120Hz just 60Hz
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    im khaled, i love playing games