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    Ever had the same game over several platforms?

    Definitely Halo here. From Halo CE to Halo 2, Halo ODST, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4 and now Halo 5 I have played ever single one except ODST starting from the original xbox leading to the 360 and now the Xbox One. Also I'm in the same boat with GTA as well. Was a huge fan of San Adreas and...
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    I never wrote a complaint for a gaming company. Most have all been good though I was thinking of writing one for Treyarch considering how unplayable the game has now become. It's just unsuitable for a good time. Not worth playing but I still play it because "hey" it's call of duty.
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    Need for Speed - still play?

    I haven't played Need for Speed in ages. I miss Hot Pursuit for PS1 and wish they'd remake it. I also wish they'd remake Midnight Club. Those are some great racing games from my childhood. Anyways it's a good game I think.
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    How often do you clean your PC?

    I have a laptop and no PC I personally use though my stepdad has one. Sometimes I clean off the front but it rarely gets dirty. I'm usually quite fine with letting it sit and not cleaning it since I rarely see any reason to clean it. However the glass and keys do sometimes get dusty. When they...
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    Gaming deals page?

    Yeah this would be a fantastic idea in my opinion. I vote yes for this. Maybe a sub-forum in gaming. Doesn't have to take up it's own section. @JoyFreak might want the site to grow a bit more first but maybe sometime down the road if not now would be a fantastic idea.
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    If you could only play one platforms library for the rest of your life, which would it be?

    Normally I would choose Nintendo and Pokemon but if I had access to the entire library for the rest of my life to be honest I would have to go with Xbox One. Because that's the rest of your life and xbox is much better than nintendo for large quantities of time. Nintendo has better games in my...
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    Well one time recently gamestops sale on the nintendo switch had ended just that same day but I had called up there that morning and they said it was still active so after telling them that they still applied the discount to the switch so I was very happy. Not all people in retail are actually...
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    Who spend more time going through Movies trailers than what they actualy spend watching IT ?

    I'm sort of the same way. Currently I barely watch movies at all and it's quite funny because there just isn't that many good ones that have came out from what I have seen floating around out there. They are all repetitive and just not worth watching. One good movie I watched a while back was...
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    What do you think about piracy?

    If it's legal in your country I don't see anything wrong with it because your following the law but around the U.S. where it's illegal I wouldn't ever do that. I always pay for my games as the risk just isn't worth the cause. Sometimes you take a risk and it might be worth it but in this...
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    Tablet or phone for gaming?

    Tablets would probably be good for strategy games I'm not sure since I don't play many mobile games anymore but it sounds like it would be better due to the bigger screen. Not sure but if I had a tablet I would probably give some games a try. Definitely a more interesting way to play versus only...
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    Who likes soccer? What is your favorite team/teams?

    My little brother is a huge Soccer fan. I used to be super good at Soccer when I was young. I don't play it anymore but if I had to choose a team I would say Manchester United for the simple fact that Ronaldo is on it. He's probably one of the better Soccer players in all of the world.
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    Who likes to work out and/or run?

    I used to do a lot of pushups. Not so much anymore. I've done CURLs with dumbells in the past and that is a great way to work out. I also used to run track as a teen. Did discuss, 800 meter run, long jump, and sometimes the relay race.
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    Data consumption on mobile?

    I usually just use Wifi but my data can go pretty quick when I'm not. My family pays for it so I'm not exactly sure what plan their on but a few times we've gotten close to the limit in a short amount of time. I currently use Sprint I think. I don't play any games though. Mainly just browse the...
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    What's a fun but also a "wrong" way to play a video game?

    When I was a kid my Cousin and I used to play Grand Theft Auto and 007' Goldeneye and he would always make me laugh the things he would do. I wouldn't call that wrong because it was only to have a laugh but I have to admit sometimes it's funny to think about how some people play grand theft...
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    Game of Thrones

    I still haven't watched this yet. Friends of mine have been laughing at me because of it. Hehe :sneaky: I really need to give it a chance and watch it sometime. Does anyone know if it comes on Netflix? Would be worth a watch if it does. I have netflix but haven't checked. Not necessarily the...