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    Favorite PS1 game?

    That was The last game I played in my Ps1 by the way, before i shoved two CD's at once and tried to make them work at the same time hh.
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    What??!!! WOW!!!

    VR, for sure if there is no VR in it I don't even see the point of releasing another one, VR is the game changer now who ever the console that get to somehow add it to their features will dominate the market for a long long time, Imagine playing an open world game online and with the VR tech, I...
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    Favorite PS1 game?

    I loved Pepsi man and Tekken, But i'm pretty sure that wouldn't play any of them now, back then at Ps1 time you could play Packman for hours and not get bored, but now with all the technologies around, all the choices, it so easy to get over a game and just choose the next once in line,
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    Detective Pikachu

    As any other once was a good honest and innocent cartoon now it commercialized in a brutal way, it's always the same case, at the beginning it's a simple pure fun thing, and afterwards as soon as the corporate world lay hands on it, it turns into a commercialized product that lost it essence , I...
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    Private or Communal gaming

    Obviously life now is heading towards no more privacy whatever it might concerns, but I still would like to enjoy my privacy as simple as it might sounds, I think in the world we live in today privacy is starting to be a privilege, and one of the most rare once, I mean you don't have to think...
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    What Game Takes You Back to Your Childhood?

    Probably Pes 2003 not that it is special in any how, I just have good memories with it, just that careless mind of kids nothing to stress about, as soon as we start to play we create our own world that we control, like a safe zone, I use to play it with my cousin and friends for hours, we chat...
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    Do you invest real money in games?

    Not with my personal incomes, I would feel so guilty if I do so, But I have a friend a rich one, he spend crazy cash on each game he play, so if he offers I don't reject, I use to play league of legends, and this guy bought like tens of skins, (skins is like persona looks in the game) the cost a...
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    Video Games and Violence is linked?

    I don't think those stats show any thing unusual because of course if a person lives in this society now than 99% he had experiences with gaming or still does game, it's like saying every criminal that committed a crime in the last 5 years have a social media account or watch Netflix, it's...
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    Do you prefer to play video games alone or in groups?

    It depends on the game, there is games I play to just chill and 'get out of my head', those ones I like to play theme alone especially driving type of games, I use to play Euro Truck Simulator for hours and hours just to relax it's like yoga to me; but in the other hand there is game that are...
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    What is your most favourite device to play games online

    Pc is the Boss for me, I think I've mentioned this before but nothing really can be as good as a good pc for any kind of game or entertainment for that matter, it's just very practical all you need in one device very comfortable, easily manipulable, you can add whatever you need quicker than...
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    Have you thought about being a Game Developer?

    I think any body once he plays enough games will have that thought about being a developer, it's like watching a bunch of action movies to the point of wanting to be a CIA agent hhh, but honestly I seriously thought about it sincerely once, cuz a close cousin of mine is a freelancer in the field...
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    Have you ever taken part in any video game championship?

    I never really attended a formal kind of gaming competition, but I've created and been part of many my self either with friends or family, we use to actually play an almost 6 to 8 hours long champions league partie on PES, as we are about 9 cousins of the same age (we are a big family), adding...
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    The best anime based game

    I think that would be Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, the reason is for a anime based game to be good and do well, the anime first have to be a game suitable one, and Naruto is definitely one the story is beautiful the characters and their abilities and such is already fit for a game, Dragon ball...
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    Have you ever regretted buying a game?

    I once bought Tomb Raider: Underworld, it was a long time ago but I spent a lot of time playing it, till at a certain point it just got monotonous for me I couldn't play it any more it felt like a homework instead of a fun game, adding up to that I was still young at the time, I wasn't really a...