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    What games you where not allowed to play as a kid?

    Grand Theft Auto 4. I convinced them to let me get it, and then they saw the prostitute stuff and took it away lol.
  2. Matt C.

    How do you find new games to play?

    Friends, Reddit, Google.
  3. Matt C.

    Fire Emblem Heroes Android

    Oldest? Not a chance. It's only 2 years old.
  4. Matt C.

    Ever had the same game over several platforms?

    The only game (that I can remember) I’ve had over several platforms is GTA 5. I got it on PS4 first, and then when I built my PC, I got it on there for the mods.
  5. Matt C.

    Do you think games like FIFA really need to come out every year?

    They will keep doing what makes them money. They wouldn’t be releasing it every year if it didn’t.
  6. Matt C.

    Digital isn't the way forward

    Digital is most certainly the way forward. Consoles won’t be 100% digital any time soon but it’s getting there. I love my physical collection as much as the next guy, but it’s on the way out. If you think about it, technology has been evolving past physical connections for the past few years...
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    How often do you clean your PC?

    I clean it every couple months. I have a lot of fans, so it never gets too dusty.
  8. Matt C.

    Difficulty preferences?

    I hate people who think that you're not a real gamer or something like that if you don't choose the hardest difficulty. I just want to enjoy the game my way.
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    How much RAM do you have?

    I have 16, works for me.
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    I usually just use my speakers, but I when I want to really immerse myself in a game I use my headphones.
  11. Matt C.

    Does gaming affect behavior?

    I don't think so. Just because I enjoy shooting and blowing people up in GTA 5, doesn't mean I want to do that in real life.
  12. Matt C.

    Fave game soundtrack?

    Star Wars: The Old Republic, hands down.
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    Is a gaming mouse important?

    If you are a dedicated MMO Player, an MMO mouse is a must. You can cast spells at lightning speeds, which is amazing for PvP and and Raids.
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    Where do you check for gaming deals?

    r/GameDeals A great place for deals.
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    Gaming Chairs

    Gaming chairs are overpriced. You can find a really comfortable office chair for less.